Shooting on Second Street

A San Jose police officer tased a woman and shot her husband following an altercation that occurred as they left a downtown restaurant and nightclub around 1am Sunday morning, according to witness reports.
San Jose Police Department spokesman Jermaine Thomas confirmed that a weapon was discharged, that a man was “taken to a local hospital with non-life threatening injuries,” and that the call came in a few minutes before 1am. He declined to provide other details as of 4am Sunday.
Companions identified the shooting victim as Marco Zuniga, 37, of San Jose. A general contractor, Zuniga had pushed a police officer away after he drew and fired a Taser at his wife, according to the eyewitness.
Before the shooting, Zuniga “exchanged words” with a “bouncer that had a lousy attitude” as the group exited the establishment after last call, said Gilbert Castillo, a family friend. The argument “simmered down” when another security staff member approached and “reignited the situation.” A club manager summoned a police officer standing across the street, Castillo said.
A bicycle cart operator who identified himself as Matt saw an officer grab his nightstick and walk to the front of the Improv comedy club, where a commotion was occuring.

According to Castillo, the officer threatened Zuniga with a drunk in public arrest. Zuniga’s wife, Cynthia, placed herself between her husband and the officer, who drew and fired his Taser. “She dropped to the ground lifeless. I grabbed the wires and pulled them out of her,” he said.
Zuniga then “got in the officer’s face.” The officer drew his handheld weapon, a sound was heard, and Zuniga went down. “There was a lot of blood. Blood was gushing out of his abdomen,” Castillo, a Modesto resident, said.
According to the bicycle cart operator, who says he overheard radio traffic amongst club security staff members, one employee alleged that Zuniga had threatened to have a companion return with a gun.


  1. Ahhhhhh, another lovely evening in beautiful downtown.  Another example of why I don’t go anywhere near downtown on the weekends.  Too many out of control drunk idiots and attitude filled cops.  No thanks, I’ll take my business elsewhere.

  2. I am sickened by what happened in our downtown City of San Jose last night.
      I almost went to a movie down town with my friend last night, but she caught a cold and I stayed at home. To think that a bouncer with an attitude could ignite a tasing and shooting. That could have been us.
      My son and I watched Brave Heart at home last night. Mel Gibson created a very powerful character. There seems to be somewhat of a parallel here in San Jose.
      It is a very disturbing and frightening, to hear of a Peace Officer telling some one he has just arrested that his kind is not wanted in Downtown San Jose. Then the charges are dropped. I fear for my friends and family.
                  The Village Black Smith

  3. And this is what we get for a couple of billion in RDA funds?!  It’s no wonder that folks flock to Santana Row, Los Gatos and Campbell.

  4. #1 A gun was discharged, according to police, so this was not merely a Taser incident.

    Silicon Valley Newsroom is the byline used for news reports by staff of San Jose Inside and its sister sites.

  5. Silicon Valley Newsroom:
    Do you have any absolutely conclusive statements or evidence to make the absolute conclusion “A San Jose police officer tased a woman and shot her husband following an altercation”. It sounds like absolute speculation on your park that the police shot someone with a gun, and I feel you are somehow trying to tie this into the recent tragedy on BART, although you (whoever you are) did not write such.

  6. I have to say…as I walked down there to see what was going on…it seemed a bit overkill.  But what else is new in our police state downtown. In addition observing the police officers that were blocking off streets and parking lots, you would think that there people skills would be a bit more polished.  I’m convinced that the officers that are selected to work downtown need some serious ‘rudeness awareness’ classes.  One lady was trying to get to her parked car and was yelled at ‘If you cross that line, I will arrest you’ instead of maybe walking over and explaining that there has been a situation.  Very simple and non agressive.
    Anyhow, its dissapointing that our downtown again gets hit with bad news.  Bad news = No buisness, with an already bad time.

  7. Nothing on the Mercury News website about this shooting as of Sunday 10:00 AM.  Are there any reporters on duty?  In another recent shooting at the end of December, the best the Merc could do is copy SJPD’s official press release.

  8. Good work, Inside, on getting this story up while others slept (literally). You had it posted within hours of the 1 a.m. shooting, with photographs and statements from both sides. I haven’t seen this anywhere else. Was any other media there?

  9. #5
    There have been shootings in all the places you mention too, all in the past year as I recall. What do RDA funds have to do with it?

    I have lived in a condo the heart of downtown since 02’ (3rd/san fernando area). I am a single dad and my daughter and I walk the streets almost daily. In all my time down here I have never felt threatened by anyone or any situation. Then again I don’t go out to the clubs late at night or put myself into situation where trouble can find me.

    Contrary to what the DT haters like to believe, there is are many things to do down here that have nothing to do with late night club’n. I admit that DT is a little sparse on retail but personally I think there is a little more to life than buying crap at Old Navy.

    I guess my point here is that there are many perspectives to this whole debate. I personally think that the Merc and its bias reporting is fanning the flames and this is making the job of the SJPD even more difficult…..

  10. “Shooting victim” is in fact the precise and accurate term to use when someone takes a bullet.

    The phrase which I have a problem with is “non-life threatening.” That’s a judgement call by a medical professional, not an objective fact, though it was stated as such by the police spokesman.

  11. #7: The description of the incident was attributed to statements from interviews with witnesses and corroborated by other information. SJPD has confirmed that a gun was fired, though they are being very tight-lipped and everything they said was reported.

  12. So a typical drunken encounter leads to a tasing and shooting because cops are eager to justify their excessive presence downtown. Imagine if the bouncer and drunk asshole had been left to settle it themselves. Someone could have a black eye. Instead, the SJPD does.

  13. According to the Merc, the man was shot for interfering with an Officer.

    According to the Merc, a “Club Owner” requested Police involvement.

    Every time a column on these clubs come up on SJI, these club owners, and their buddies come on here and claim that their clients are well behaved, and that their clubs don’t attract violence, drunks, or trouble makers. Then they blame the Police for everything that goes wrong. If I were on the Police force, I’d take Nam Turk’s advice and let them kick the crap out of one another, and then arrest them BOTH for assault. Then I would find out where they were drinking, give them both a breath test, and if they were both legally drunk, I’d cite the club owner for allowing them to drink too much while in their business. wink

  14. I work in management at a venue near this.  Here is my take on the situation.

    Why not bring back the pay job officers at the front doors of clubs?  The shark arena had over 30 extra officers last night.  Why shouldn’t a smaller venue have to use them as well. 

    Up until 5 years ago, clubs were required to pay for officers at the front doors.  And in the time since the city took pay officers away from clubs; all kinds of issues and problems have spiraled out of control!

    Problem with system now, is the clubs are supposed to find security that are as experienced and trained as well as police.  The police require them to “move” people out and down the street as quick as possible at closing time. 

    Basically what happens alot is the security push patrons down the street.  The patrons complain at tell security “they are not cops” so quit telling me what to do.  The problems happen and the police are waved over.  Usually, this results in a drunk in public citation. 

    Except for this time; it was worse.

    Back only a few years ago, having police pay officers at or near the front doors made it easier to “move patrons” at the end of the night.  The patrons do listen to police.

    So again, why not force clubs to use pay officers again?  Maybe a somewhat politically flawed program from our past is a better idea / solution for today. 

    Also, the clubs pay the bill instead of the city paying overtime!

  15. I seen it the cops are out of control they shot the man cuase there pussys and i am one of those secutity guards ! i see sjpd out of control too many times and last night they tried to hit me with a club even though im tryin to help them fuck those coward curupt cops
    Oh yeah the cop didnt yell stop! police ! nothing and there was no talk of bringing back a gun i had a radio on ! the sjpd fucked up and who ever seen the shooting pushed and intimidated down the street Then police asked bar patrons if they seen anything knowing damn well they didn’t or there stories were not plausible because they had been drinking How Convienent Let that punk cop swing his club at me and see what happens

    another thing doing security at the bar im faced with the same things the cops deal with! but i can take a punch and dont have to shoot Kids point blank to the chest PIIIIIIIIIIIIIGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGssssssssss

  16. #17-Club Owner,
    WOW! Now that was FAST! I see you’ve been monitoring this blog again, because you know the Metro will put stories like this on SJI. You never miss a chance to make sure the Police take the blame for lousy club owners, and the unlawful behavior of drunks on the street again! Thank you for proving my point!

    We members of the public don’t want to hold the criminal responsible for their violent, and drunken combative behavior right? We don’t want to hold you irresponsible, moneymaking club owners responsible for selling booze to drunken patrons either right? We only want the Police to be held to a higher standard of behavior when protecting businesses, citizens, and criminals from themselves right? Okay, sure, right.

    Let us try something different this time. Please, enlighten us on how YOU, an untrained civilian, think the Police should deal with a combative drunken idiot, a man interfering with Police doing their duty, while you are making money hand over fist selling alcohol to these drunken club goers? And please humor us by including an explanation of exactly how you, as a club owner, do YOUR part to ensure that you are not over selling booze to club patrons, thus contributing to problems like this one.

    (This club must have had some pretty lousy bouncers if they had to call in the Police to handle this situation. May be they need some training in how to handle drunks, and troublemakers, or would paying for said training cut into club owners profits too much? ) wink

  17. #21
    I love the ignorance you spew! Unfortunately to try to explain to someone like you with blinders on the dynamics of running a nightlife venue, restaurant or even a venue like the HP would be like speaking a foreign language with you.  Unless you live, breathe and firsthand witness what happens downtown, you unfortunately will not get it.  I give you credit for trying though.  Maybe instead of hiding behind the computer and spilling your poison, you should come out and witness what these rogue officers.  And don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of good officers downtown that know how to disperse crowds and work with venues, and on the flip side there are also bad operators that should not have been given the license to run them.

    I hope maybe your views will change once you really take a trip downtown and not just one night, but on a regular basis, you might learn something new, I know we all learn something new every weekend.

    open your eyes.

  18. You guys sicken me if you think this was a life threatening situation that this woman needed to be a tasered and then her husband shot. I don’t give a cramp really what you think but give a litle bit a power to a peon cop and this is how they behave. Go ahead start your blabbing…blab blab blab

  19. One more nail in SanJoseInside’s credibility coffin… this mishmash of slanted bits and pieces presented in the jump-to-conclusions manner common to a mindless mob. What, are we all expected now to go out and break something?

    According to the SVN in this post, whatever it was the cop did, it was:

    “as they (the married couple) left” a downtown club

    after he was seen to “grab his nightstick”

    after the officer “threatened” Zuniga

    – If this all happened as the couple “left” the establishment, then how is it that a second bouncer became involved, then the club manager, then an officer who walked over when summoned from across the street? That’s got to be the slowest exit on record. Was the couple leaving in extremely slow-motion, like one of those frame-by-frame documentary sequences, or is the truth that they weren’t leaving at all, and that by the time the cop arrived this recalcitrant pair had not only refused to leave the establishment (a crime in and off itself), but that the disruption they were causing was serious enough to tie up two bouncers and the club manager? I wonder, does it require a two-drink minimum to demand so much attention?

    – What does “grab his nightstick” mean? Does it mean the cop retrieved it from somewhere, like his car, or does it mean that as he walked across the street his hand was observed to make contact with it? Either way, since his nightstick was not mentioned as having played a part in the incident, including this little tidbit demonstrates the prejudicial and inflammatory approach that has become common with SJI’s new antipolice attitude.

    – An officer can warn, advise, notify, and inform a person that he is subject to arrest, but SVN chose to use the word “threatened.” Well, I suggest that rather than having composed this post, SVN spewed it… in chunks.

    According to this post the married couple are the only true innocents in this whole affair. The bouncers had a “lousy attitude,” the staff member “reignited the situation,” the officer “threatened” and “drew his handheld weapon” and “fired.” Gee, all that commotion and the only misdeed observed on the couple’s part was Zuniga’s friend-with-a gun-threat? Sounds like the observing of this incident was every bit as selective as was the reporting.

    As for the cop allowing the bouncers to take care of the problem themselves, what no one on this site seems to get is that once notified of a such a problem the police have a responsibility to respond, and once they do, they own the problem. There is no backing away from it, no turning it over to someone else, no higher authority to summon—no matter how violent things turn, and when you consider that the people that cops have to deal with are typically drunk, drugged, deranged, or sociopathic, then you start to understand why it is so hard to recruit people to wear the uniform.

    But then, in this culture of cowards-with-attitudes, there are always plenty of job applicants at The Metro.

    Lastly, one question: how is it that this incident was deemed suitable to receive SJI’s breaking news treatment, but not the incident the other day when a very serious assault/attempted murder was committed on a police officer by a felon? Was it because that there was no way to turn the injured officer into the bad guy? Or maybe because the scumbag who assaulted him was, as are the majority of Bay Area cop killers, African-American?

    (previously submitted at 1:13 PM)

  20. Great job SJPD…..glad you came out safe and uninjured. The stupid ass drunks need to learn to handle their alcohol. By the way Silicon Valley Newsroom, he was a “shooting victim”, an inflammatory hyperbole, he was incapacitated by the taser.

    If this is an actual news story, why doesn’t the reporter have the balls to use his actual name rather than hide behind a stupid facade like “Silicon Valley Newsroom”. No self respecting reporter at any reputable newspaper would ever do this.

  21. Kathleen and Finfan, your bias blinds you to the fact that this was pretty good reporting. The items you cited were clearly from a witness, whose loyalties were disclosed. If the story had been anti-cop, would items such as the wife’s attempt to block the officer from arresting her husband, or the friend’s admission that Zuniga pushed the officer? Given that reality that police didn’t provide any information, it seems like a balanced reconstruction. In fact, it tends to support the police side of the story that the group was argumentative and uncooperative to both police and club security. Whether the circumstances justified the shooting, we’ll be able to better judge when more facts are available.

  22. to all persons involved.  Most interesting thing about this issue are the venues involved!

    The couple who got shot and tased by the police were customers of the poster boy club of the mayor and council!  They were at the Loft Bar and Bistro.

    Not the Vault, not Vivid, not Sabor.  But a business that the mayor and council and many city hall “big wigs” visit on a daily basis spending our hard earned tax money.

    Who would of thunk it!

  23. EDITOR:
    Why do you allow vulgar street language on here like the word that #33 used.  Don’t you read or care about it?

  24. San Jose has not always been like this. As any urban area, there has been crime and gang-activity, but the recent focus of the PD has been on the night-life crowd. As anyone who has been to Downtown knows, at around 1 a.m. every night the Police flood the area as if they were the National Guard. This is not a real solution to any problem; it is only an excuse for the belligerent police to dominate and patronize the people in their continual power-trip. Every night the paddy-wagon drives around the Downtown area, like a dog catcher rounding up the mutts to bring to the W. Hedding pound. We are not dogs. The citizens should be respected as citizens and the police, as public servants, should be working for us, not not against. People need to stand up against this dictatorship style of justice. NO MORE ABUSE OF POLICE POWER!

  25. am sorry some people who do not know the victim feel that he should have been killed. I do know him and I do know more of the facts. I am not going to pretend like I know everything that transpired in the night but I have directly talked to family that was right next to him as he got shot. This man was my uncle. He is a model citizen that was out with other family and friends having an enjoyable night up till this happened. My uncle has never been in trouble with the law, he has no criminal background and he lives his life to help and serve all those around him. I am too hurt with a police force I respected and supported to spend time bashing them but I wanted to inform the readers that this man is loved by hundreds of family and friends. To enlighten you a little about the incident, the woman that was tazed was his wife. She was thrown down and tazed by the officer because she was standing between her husband and the officer.

    As a loving and caring man he tried to stop his wife from being abused and hurt, which at that point the officer, who was not under control of any of the crowd that was around, pulled out his gun and shot my unarmed uncle in the face.

    This is what I know and I am pretty sure there will be many things talked about and discussed in the mean time. I know the truth will eventually come out but in the mean time I hope that whoever reads this can pray for a father, brother, husband, son, uncle who is deeply loved and cared about.

  26. Mr. Sorenson (#25),

    Read again the items evidencing bias I cited; I made it a point to isolate two particular items that were not quotes from witnesses, and one included quote that was immaterial and prejudicial. I used these to make a point, and now I’ll do the same with your post.

    You argue against the charge of the post being anti-cop by citing two passages, or more precisely, your interpretation of those two passages. Here are your words:

    – If the story had been anti-cop, would items such as the wife’s attempt to block the officer from arresting her husband, or the friend’s admission that Zuniga pushed the officer?

    Now reread the post. Where does it say the wife blocked the officer from arresting her husband? I’ll tell you, no where. Instead what it says is this: “Zuniga’s wife, Cynthia, placed herself between her husband and the officer…” Since you deduced, from the totality of the circumstances presented, that what the wife was doing was blocking the officer from arresting her husband (interfering is a crime in and of itself), then either your deduction is incorrect or this was a case of biased reporting.

    Additionally, what was written was not, as you claim, that Zuniga pushed the officer (a crime), but that he had “pushed a police officer away after he (the officer) drew and fired his taser at his wife.” Pushing someone away suggests a defensive act, something that may not constitute a crime. Again, the word choice is important, as is the precise sequence of events.

  27. my co-worker actually witnessed the incident and had to file a report at SJPD the following day.  Interesting factoid that was left out was that the shooting victim was then rolled over, knee in back and cuffed.  Meanwhile his sister-in-law, horrified, was also cuffed.  All three were ordered not to speak throughout the entire fiasco.  Interestingly, no one had a weapon so why was deadly force authorized?  This is a sad state of affairs when words and a shoving match can “justify” a shooting.  This could be your father, son or brother next.  I hope swift action is taken against this officer who is now on paid administrative leave.

  28. #22- Club Owner,
    I don’t hide behind a fake name making idiotic statements based on BS, but you certainly do. I see you completely avoided my questions of you. Typical.

    I not only travel downtown once a month to keep track of what is going on down there, I spent 8 weeks on the Mayor’s Transition Public Health and Safety Committee. I did not see your face in there trying to help us figure out ways to resolve or lesson the problems in the SOFA district. The meetings were completely open to the public.

    Until you open YOUR eyes, and stop placing the blame elsewhere, NOTHING will change in DT. Now, again please tell us how YOU are working to ensure that you are not furthering the problem of public drunkenness in DT, and how YOU think a Police Officer is supposed to handle drunken idiots causing problems in DT. You are acting like an expert on the matter so please enlighten us oh knowledgeable one. And use your REAL name, and tell us which club you own.

  29. #25- Terry Sorenson,
    I think you need to read my posts again. Nowhere in either of my posts do I say the reporting of this story is wrong, or bias, so your assertion is incorrect. As a matter of fact, I don’t and haven’t said a word about how this article is written at all.

    To all,
    Every time I see these kinds of articles reporting shootings, stabbings, and drunkenness in DT here on SJI, the same conversation happens. It is always the cop’s fault, never the club owners, or the criminals. Everyone complains about Police presence in DT, but no one realizes or acknowledges that the Mayor and Council have ordered this to protect DT businesses, and citizens. And finally, the former IPA stopped the Pay Cop system, so you can thank her dump butt for the heavy Police presence in DT.

    These conversations go absolutely nowhere. The club owners and their buddies jump on here using fowl language making all kinds of false accusations about the Police, and start hassling those of us who question the behavior of these drunks, or why club owners are serving too much booze to patrons.  It has gotten old and boring. Either we work together as a group of caring, responsible citizens to end the problem, or things will just stay the same. 

    Finger pointing at the Police just won’t cut it, nor will it change the situation. Everyone, and I mean everyone involved in these happenings DT has a part in this, and everyone needs to change the way they are conducting themselves. Period.

  30. I was taught at a very young age that you
    do not throw anything at a policeman, much
    less try to attack a uniformed officer.
    Policeman have to make split second decisions
    that most of us never have to make in our entire life time.
    We pay the police to win alternations!  That is whey we give them tasers, nightsticks, guns, etc.  When they start losing fights, you will
    find law abiding citizens moving to another
    “Victims” of police violence have many legal
    If Cynthia really threw something at an officer, why didn’t Marco control his wife
    as opposed to charging the officer? What did
    the Zuniga’s parents teach them? My parents were poor and uneducated, but they taught me
    to respect policeman, teachers and those
    in positions of authority.
    Just a few thoughts

  31. #31,

    How about 3am closings with a midnight “last call” for alcohol?  That’ll give folks 3 hours to sober up and/or send drunken thugs to places with a 1:30am “last call.”

  32. #39-AGW- Amen.

    “If Cynthia really threw something at an officer, why didn’t Marco control his wife
    as opposed to charging the officer?”

    Good question.

  33. Kathleen,

    Why not bring back the pay officers?  This was brought up over and over in the mayor transition meetings regarding nightlife. 

    This has been brought up over and over on the this blog by club owners and the general public.

    This has been brought up at every taske force (all four of them) of the last five years.

    if you know so much from the mayors transition team; why won’t they bring back a service (paid for by the clubs) that allows the city and police to end the heavy handed police presence of the last 3 or 4 years that is obviously not working.

    Why isn’t the city bring back pay officers (at no cost to the city) which will allow the police the ability to get rid of the 1.3 million a year in overtime they are spending?

    An actual club owner (not the person posting above at #22).

    PS Kathleen you make it seem that no club or bar owners are trying to make this better.  I am a bar / club owner; I have been to every meeting on this issue for over 5 years.  The city and police refuse to listen to our ideas to make things work.  we are only forced to survive in a very disfunctional entertainment zone.  We seriously need to go back to the old way (pay officers) in downtown.

  34. #41 –

    You asked, “Why not bring back the pay officers?  This was brought up over and over in the mayor transition meetings regarding nightlife. 

    This has been brought up over and over on the this blog by club owners and the general public.

    This has been brought up at every taske force (all four of them) of the last five years.”

    Good question.  I remember why it was taken away – our beloved Independent Police Auditor.  I believe it happened during Mayor Hammer’s term.  The reason the IPA gave for taking away the Pay Cop System is due to the “appearance of impropriety”.  If you ask me, the current system is far worse, for both the public and for our hard working Police officers….

    I do know that our police officers are understaffed, and do not want to be out there any more than the public wants them to be there.

  35. Thas why i don’t like to go down town because there is a lot of stupid drunk people you can see different people like mexicans, white people filipinos and black people and orientals but san jose police deparnent always wants to fuck around with mexicans and black people to. I dont understand why.  I remenber one time i went to get some money at washington mutual in santa clara st and 2 young stupid white guys ask me for money I was so mad at that time. since that event happen to me.  I haven’t been there. thats why I stay home

  36. Silicon Valley Newsroom and all the posters who posted early Sunday came to their conclusions based upon their personal biases and insufficient information.  I still believe we don’t have the entire story.

    Many posters spoke about the fact that Mrs. Zuniga stood between her husband and the officer.  They all omit the claim by the officer and others present that she did more than that—she threw something at the officer which hit him in the head. That may be why he tased her.  I’ll reserve judgment on whether his response was approipriate or excessive, since I don’t know what he claims hit him in the head.

    Whenever some thug gets arested or shot, his friends and relatives all bring up the presumption of innocence; that he was the soul of peacefulness and propriety, despite his prior criminal record.  Why doesn’t the officer have the same presumption?

    Every post I have read so far omits what I heard happened first.  I spoke with people who were in the club that night.  They all stated that Mr. Zuniga became abusive to other patrons of the club and was asked to leave.  He declined, not courteously.  I was told that it took six bouncers to get him and his wife out of the club.  I’ve seen those bouncers.  They all look like NFL middle linebackers. So, if they are stating the truth, Mr. & Mrs. Zuniga did not go quietly.

    Even the Murky News reported today that Mr. Zuniga threatened to return and to do harm to someone (presumably the person he got into it with in the first place).  Not the peaceful, nice person his freinds and relatives make him out to be.  Of course, none of us have ever seen a normally nice guy get belligerent and violent after a few drinks.

    So, when the Zuniga’s hit the street, they’re pissed off at having been ejected, Mr. Zuniga is reportedly threatening to return for vengeance, and here comes the cop.

    I also heard Mr. Zuniga is a large and imposing figure himself.  So, when he attacks the officer, the officer reacts.  I don’t know what Mr. Zuniga did, how close he was to the officer, whether he actually hit the officer or not.  Thus, I must reserve judgment about whether the force employed by the officer was justified or excessive.  I believe we all should do the same.

    Many of the participants were interviewed by the police long into that night.  Their statements will presumably be available to the D.A. and the Zunigas’ criminal defense counsel.

    I’m sure I do not have the entire story, either; and I am quite positive that all the Zuniga relatives who weren’t even there have very few of the facts.  So, they should put a sock in it, too.

    Metro/Silicon Valley Newsroom have shown their bias/rush to judgment/lack of journalistic integrity by publishing as “news” matters that they did not properly verify/confirm/validate; which were, in reality, majorly affected by their editorial bias.

    Every one of us, including myself, needs to sit back and wait for all the facts to come in; just as the NTSB is doing with the US Air crash into The Hudson River.

    SV Neswroom—if you publish an assertion, call it that.  Don’t publish it as a fact, just because someone whose point of view that you agree with told you so.  And don’t eliminate the assertions that conflict with your preconceived notion of what occurrred.  When it comes to cops, you are about as fair and balanced as is Fox News when it comes to politics.

    If the officer is ultimately found to have used excessive force, the law will take its course and he will be punished appropriately.  If Mr. Zuniga was a nice guy who turned mean and combative after too much to drink, and if he indeed placed the officer in legitimate fear for his safety, he needs to face the music…and stop drinking, as well.

    So, since most of us posting here were not there, we all need to stop jumping to conclusions, and wait for the facts to be revealed.

  37. I am thankful that the police officer came out uninjured during this incident. I also feel relief for the family of the suspect who assaulted the police officer was not killed. However, it was the suspect’s actions, which determined the outcome of the event. His criminal, drunken, or foolish intentions almost cost him his own life and the grief of his family and friends. 

    I view this as a lesson to those who think they can argue or assault with or law enforcement officials in the street. If you become argumentative, belligerent or violent with a police officer, something very bad could happen to you. The time for a heated debate with a police officer is not on the street but in a courtroom.

    Kathleen and supporters you are correct that these issues concerning the police and downtown continues, never being resolved. I believe it never will be. The criminals, drunks, and gangsters will always flock downtown to some degree. The crooked club owners will continue to sell their booze, feeding the fire till it flashes over. It’s up to the reasonable, responsible, and articulate folks to keep those who are indecisive or need the reaffirmation that we believe OUR police, the ONES protecting us are doing a good job. WE want downtown cleaned up so we can bring our families and friends out to late dinners and entertainment on the weekends. 

    My opinion about the profane language being used here is somewhat undecided. But, I think it proves a point that their arguments are wrong, invalid, and ignorant. WE must continue giving the reasonable and correct side of the debate in an educated and respectful manner.

  38. The reason is simple why police should not be employed individually by club owners. The police are required to enforce the laws concerning the Alcohol Beverage Control (ABC) act. The law is very detailing that police officers make arrests when observing violations of this law. The club owners want pay officers so they can “own” them and not be worried about them biting the hand that feeds.

    Alcohol sales and use is the root of most of society’s problems. The citizens of San Jose do not need police officers being employed by those who profit from drunk and disorderly conduct.

  39. As we see no on the City Council, especially the Mayor, wants to say a word.  Do we not forget Madison Nguyen’s famous time in the sun raising community ire over police conduct, and now she is the poster child for restraining community outcry.

    I do support the idea of having a stronger and more visible police presence in downtown.

    Once again. for the people that run and shout about the agressive police enforcement, we will be happy to call for the licensed clinical social workers to arrive the next time some bald headed, tattoed guy comes banging on the door at 3am demanding a beer.

  40. Postcript to postscript, regardless of my views, Silicon Valley Newsroom did do an excellent job of street reporting and has shown a lot of impressive ability to convey the story.

    Barbara Marshman at the Mercury News could care less.  There was no Gillmor attached to the story.

  41. #43 JMOC,

    While the SVN report is a bit slanted, the Mercury News is not much better.  So far the reporter, Mr. Webby, has only cut and paste the limited official police version of the event.

    Maybe you could help out the Merc by giving Mr. Webby some assistance in finding witnesses.  Readers of the Merc might have a better idea of what happened instead of waiting weeks for the police to conclude their investigation.

  42. Barney,

    Your right. I think the enire pay officer policy should be eliminated by the city. Maybe, then we will get the 500 additional officers the CITIZENS of San Jose need.

  43. Alot of questions now following press details over last few days from all reporting agencies…in this article report says,

    “According to the bicycle cart operator, who says he overheard radio traffic amongst club security staff members, one employee alleged that Zuniga had threatened to have a companion return with a gun.”
    Common sense from SJPD, if the man had a gun, WHY would 1 officer confront Zuniga? He wouldn’t, in FACT they are trained to call for immediate back up- officer safety is priority one…someone is fibbing….

    Question 2. I have not met a women that could not be controlled by simple physical force…taser gun WTF was the officer thinking..she is a women! Bad choice of force I say…big man complex maybe? is that why he pulled his gun? We already know the threat of a gun doesn’t exist because no way would ONE officer confront the scenario, esspecially since likely the officer was carrying great conversation with collegues…pulling the gun BAD choice..then pulling the trigger..WRONG choice/WRONG FORCE..

    Mr. Jermaine Thomas…please address these questions…the tip-toeing keeps going on..the educated community REALLY wants to know…can we ask for the hard questions to be answered..

  44. #41- Actual Club Owner,
    I hear and understand your frustration. I don’t think ALL club owners are irresponsible, money grubbing jerks. I know there are some very decent owners, but unfortunately you are the few! The old adage of “One bad apple spoiling the whole bunch,” certainly holds true here.  If you really want resolution I have some things for you to consider. One suggestion I have for you is to work with the Mayor and Liccardo’s Office, Tom McEnery, and the Chamber to get rid of the bad club owners. You know who they are! Bad owners, the drunks, and troublemakers are what are causing the problem not the Police.

    The second idea I have is for you to reach out to SJSU, and some of the non-profit Latino and African American groups to see if they can help you. Many of these youth offenders are students, and minorities, not ALL, but many. They can assist you in educating their communities on how to behave when an Officer stops you, and why being drunk in public is against the law. This type of education is something that is sorely needed in this community.

    You don’t need to sit in useless meetings for years to affect change. Get some petitions going, fight for an ordinance that requires the changes you want to see. Do this with the assistance of some local groups, and the University behind you. And get a good attorney to back you up and advise you.
    In answer to your question, I don’t know the reason Pay Cops were not allowed, after we submitted the suggestion to the Mayor and Council we never heard back. You’d have to ask the Mayor’s Office. What I do know is that the business owner, and the POA President, and Sheriff in our meetings, agreed it was the best answer to removing the heavy presence of the Police DT.

    Finally, I do know they implemented soft closings and found that NOTHING changed. I could have told them that given the fact that the real problem of drunkenness, and troublemakers wasn’t addressed and still hasn’t been.

  45. In response to #43 “Every post I have read so far omits what I heard happened first.  I spoke with people who were in the club that night.  They all stated that Mr. Zuniga became abusive to other patrons of the club and was asked to leave.  He declined, not courteously.  I was told that it took six bouncers to get him and his wife out of the club.  I’ve seen those bouncers.  They all look like NFL middle linebackers. So, if they are stating the truth, Mr. & Mrs. Zuniga did not go quietly.”

    Your so called witnesses of this event, should perhaps get a picutre of Mr. Zuniga to see if in fact he was the person accused of this.  Because I am sure a lot of people were there… and it is very possible that Mr. Zuniga was mistakenly identified.  Additionally, if the people you are receiving information from are friends with these “NFL” like bouncers… who is to say that they aren’t covering their friends behind?

  46. Where do we draw the line? An unarmmed man was shot! So even if he got a little out of hand (and I emphasize “if”) does it justify any officer using deadly force?

    Is this what we want to become the norm? Are we to respect law enforcement or live in fear of it.

    Like it or not Police officers are held to a higher standard, they have to be since we entrust them with so much power. When they begin shooting unarmmed citizens while surrounded by witnesses scares the heck out of me.

  47. deeply concerned,

    Police officers are not Supermen. They bleed, can be knocked out, and injured like you or me. Street fights often end with the loser getting kicked in the head and the winner’s friends jumping in. An officer almost got killed the other day after having his pistol taken from him. Get real!

  48. First there was no real reason to call for police assistance. There were verbal threats made at 1:00am. Closing is at 1:15-1:30am. How was he going to go get his gun, come back and take care of the employees? For future reference Bouncers don’t be so quick to call the police. HANDLE the situation. Oh, wait that’s right you are only 19-22 years of age (most of you) with NO EXPIRIENCE! That’s the problem, and Yes, I have worked in Downtown San Jose in a club enviroment, and left because of the immaturity of the staff (sorry real talk)
    Club Owners I suggest you INVEST in a sound security team, and that takes money

  49. #52- Deeply concerned in San Jose,
    Do you honestly think that a Police Officer being assaulted by a member of the public stands a chance of being safe, or keeping control of the situation when a crowd of drunken troublemakers are involved? Any sign of weakness on the part of a Police Officer by an angry crowd is an open invitation to attack. Look at the Oakland riots if you need further proof of that. 

    #54- Big Rudy,
    Well said! BRAVO! Thank you for speaking up. It is a BIG part of the problem that has not been addressed in any discussions on this topic I have heard, or been a part of. Under paid, under trained, young security guards, or bouncers that club owner’s employ contribute to the lack of control exercised over these drunken, troublemakers exiting the clubs. If you look at security at Santana Row, or other high scale venues, their security folks are not only huge, well dressed, but they are older, and seem well trained.

  50. #53 Again Officers are and must be held to higher standards….shooting unarmmed civilians is NOT acceptable period!

    Or are you saying assaulting an officer as crazy as that is an automatic on the spot death sentence.

  51. Deeply Concerned (#52, #56),

    You have twice now expressed what must be acknowledged as a valid concern about this shooting, provided you know a few things the rest of us don’t know, which is the why and how the officer’s gun came into play, who was in control of it, and how it came to be discharged.

    There are basically three ways that a police officer’s holstered pistol can become unholstered: by accident (falling out), by the officer (drawing it), or by someone else (forcibly extracting it). In this case, I don’t know how the gun became unholstered, but given the certainty of your position in this matter, you must.

    Please share with the rest of us the answer.

    If an officer intentionally unholsters his pistol, his purposes may be offensive (to shoot someone who poses a deadly threat to him or another), defensive (to protect himself from a potentially deadly threat by keeping them at bay and upgrading the penalty for advancing on him), or tactical (to be better prepared when involved in a high-risk incident). In this case, if the officer did intentionally draw his pistol, I am unaware of his reasons, but given the certainty of your position in this matter, you must.

    Please share with the rest of us the answer.

    If an officer’s pistol is discharged during an incident, it may be the result of an intentional act on his part, an accident (typically his negligence), or during a struggle with an assailant for control of the weapon. In this case we know the officer’s pistol discharged but are unaware of the particular details. There seem to be four possibilities, the first being that the officer drew his gun and shot an unarmed man who was standing at a distance from him; the second that he drew his gun to hold at bay those threatening him, but defended himself by shooting the charging suspect; the third that he drew his gun to hold at bay those threatening him, but the suspect charged, engaged the officer physically, and was shot during the struggle; the fourth, that the suspect had somehow gained some level of control of the officer’s pistol and was shot during the struggle for control of it. Given the certainty of your position in this matter, you obviously know what happened.

    Please share with the rest of us the answer.

    Allow me to thank you in advance for what I am sure will be your enlightening response to these questions. Given that you apparently have a deep understanding of the facts of this case, would you be so kind as to share with us exactly how many people were involved in this confrontation, what orders and warnings were given by the officer, what threats or assaults were directed towards the officer, and the blood alcohol levels of the couple arrested?

  52. “Alcohol sales and use is the root of most of society’s problems. The citizens of San Jose do not need police officers being employed by those who profit from drunk and disorderly conduct”


  53. #58. Concerned citizen.

    Since you seem to be a good family friend of the suspect, could you give us a report of his condition and extent of injury please?

  54. I know these people and they are good people. I realized that if it could happen to them it can happen to anyone. I wonder why no one has reported what their intox levels were…could it be that they were not drunk…It is unfortunate that these blogs become safe-havens for cowardly people to voice their opinions. Although if I were just reading this article or any other whether they be a statement from sjpd or the merc, I might assume the same of the “alleged attackers” who I hope in time will be viewed as victims.

    I wish the family well and ask that everyone try to be as open-minded as possible. These are very good family-oriented people who go out very seldom who happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time.

    “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere” -MLK

  55. The Zuniga family are fine, upstanding citizens, who REALLY aren’t the type to get involved let alone break the law. They are some of the more generous people I have seen and met. Their family/children come first in their lives. The family are always involved in their children’s school activities, donate money and their time at their schools. And will even buy the food for several of the functions without even thinking twice about it. Or being asked to. They have far too much at stake (children/business) to do the things the police or media have said about them. My children have attended school with their children for many years and know this about them.
    I’m also supportive of police officers. But do not agree with how any of this was handled. Why a woman like Cynthia would have to be tasered is beyond me. Her young children and their education are her top priority. As well as her husband’s. These children are on the honor roll and well loved by the teachers and staff.
    If the responding police officer(s) had really taken the time to ask questions instead of act with any type of force. All would be better off. SJPD, the Zuniga family……
    If the Loft Bistro and Bar had called the police because of the bouncer’s comments. Then they should have had several other officers talk to them to find out. Cynthia is a beautiful woman who looks much younger than her late 30’s. I guarantee you someone could not keep their pathetic comments about her to themselves. And may have started this whole mess.
    My thoughts go out to the family, especially their young children. Let the truth be told about these fine upstanding citizens!!!

  56. Being part of the Zuniga family, I can assure everyone that Cynthia and Marco Zuniga are loving people who truly care about their family and others. I am appauled that something like this even took place! It upsets me to know that the media is giving false information from a bias perspective. Many of you addressing your thoughts here do not know the family – I can only pray that you have a big enough heart to stray from posting harsh words and keep our family in your thoughts and prayers as we persevere this situation. Thank you.

  57. San Jose Inside has become interesting again since I have stopped reading Frustrated Fin Fan, John Michael O, and Kathleen. Don’t these folks have a life? Blah Blah Blah!!! Me Me Me !!!!

  58. I said @ #43:“Whenever some thug gets arested or shot, his friends and relatives all bring up the presumption of innocence; that he was the soul of peacefulness and propriety, despite his prior criminal record.”

    Another example: Ms. Donna Fife was standing on a neighbor’s lawn when she was deliberately run over by a car driven by one Richard Delgado, a 19 year old miscreant who lived a couple of doors down from her and had been a source of irritation and fear in the neighborhood for years.  Delgado ran over Ms. Fife’s stomach and face, according to a witness, then ran away.  Ms. Fife died at the scene.

    Just before he killed Ms. Fife, Senor Delgado had crashed another car into a neighbor’s fence.  He left that car, and got into another one, which he used to kill Ms. Fife.

    Delgado’s aunt’s assessment of her nephew (who had numerous previous brushes with the law) “…he’s a good hearted person to his family.”

    Apparently he made up for that with non-family members by terrorizing the neighborhood for years.

    Oh, by the way, Delgado’s drivers license was suspended at the time he drove over Ms. Fife and killed her.

  59. #64-Family of Zuniga,
    I have been through a family member getting into trouble with the law, and I know that the media only makes a very difficult situation worse. I also know that there are two sides to every story and then there’s the truth. I know that there are Police Officers who need to be removed from the force, and that there are Police Officers who really care and do a wonderful job. I also know from my own personal experience that family members we never thought could do something unlawful can disappoint us and act badly. I also know that because we love them, we may not be as willing to look at their shortcomings with as much honesty as others will, or do. Regardless of what actually happened that night, I am deeply sorry for your pain, and I hope that Cynthia and Marco get better soon.

  60. #63- Monika,
    Were you there the night this happened, and did you actually see everything that happened? If your friends did absolutely nothing the article above and in the Merc claims, then please tell us why your friends got into a scuffle with bouncers, the club owner, and then a Police Officer? Are you saying Marco did not push, or interfere with the Officer after he Tased Cynthia? Exactly what are you saying happened then?

  61. If you’re a friend of the Zuniga’s ask them the following questions:
    How much did they drink that night?
    Did they do drugs that night?
    How many times were they ask to leave the Loft that night? (3)
    How many times did they return to the Loft? (4)
    Did any member of party threaten to return with a gun?  If so who?
    What did Mrs Zuniag throw at the officer?
    Why did she throw an object at the officer?
    How many other people in the group threw
    something at the officer?

    I think these are relevant questions and
    many of of the skeptics will be amazed when
    the answer to these questions are revealed in
    a court of law.

  62. Concerned Citizen,

    One thing that we know for sure about those fine, upstanding people about whom you speak is that their behavior that night was disruptive enough to draw the attention of one bouncer, then a second, and then a club manager who, despite investing the presence and persuasive efforts of himself and his staff, still felt the need to summon a police officer. That suggests, at the very least, that your friends weren’t so upstanding that evening.

    If you’ve never heard or experienced the phenomenon of good people behaving badly while under the influence of alcohol then you don’t have the life experience necessary to objectively evaluate this incident. But if you are, in fact, familiar with the phenomenon, but believe yourself so accurate a judge of character that you are positive these people could not have acted out of character, then the objectivity in which you lack is about your own infallibility.

    When you argue that “had the officer taken the time to ask questions instead of act with force,” you assume two things: one, that the officer didn’t try to settle the issue verbally, and two, that the people involved allowed the officer the opportunity to attempt to do so. How can you know this? Have you interviewed all the witnesses?

    Please share with us some examples of the many times you’ve seen the Zuniga family in action after drinking, or when embarrassed, or angry, or whatever condition/emotion it was they were experiencing that evening prior to the officer responding. I suspect that you probably haven’t seen them under such circumstances, and it may well be that they had never previously been so upset, stressed, intoxicated, or whatever. But that does not constitute evidence about their behavior that particular night.

    But what of the police officer that you’ve been so quick to condemn? Do you imagine that in his eight years on the force he has previously confronted people who were angry, drunk, or both? Probably he has… at least four hundred times (a very modest estimate of once a week, once a day would probably be closer to the truth). Do you imagine that in all those cases he went straight to utilizing force, as you allege he did with the Zuniga family?  Do you think that such a officer as you imagine, a loose cannon racking up Tasings and shootings at the rate of one a week, would last more than two weeks on the police department?

    The one thing that you can be sure of is that the police officer in question has handled hundreds of such incidents, and that he has diffused those situations peacefully, or settled them by making an arrest without incident, at least 98% of the time. Most likely he has, despite all those confrontations and many far more serious, used his Taser a handful of times or not at all, and his firearm never. Just judging by the odds, the chance that the officer was the big problem that night are miniscule.

    I don’t know what happened out there that night and neither do you, but I recognize the need to remain objective and await the facts. Why not give it a try?

  63. Regardless of anything else, shooting an unarmed man IN THE FACE is excessive. I hope the family retains the same lawyer representing Oscar Grant’s family. That cops are shooting any unarmed person in the wake of that event is sickening. Cops in England don’t even have guns, but criminals do, and they still have a lower crime rate.

  64. #65

    Just before he killed Ms. Fife, Senor Delgado had crashed another car into a neighbor’s fence.  He left that car, and got into another one, which he used to kill Ms. Fife.

    I bet he also has/had a boom-boom car.  There appears to be a very high correlation between anus individuals and loud car music.

  65. The same upstading citizen that we put on a pedestal that are to keep the peace are the same ones administering the violence onto the people they should be protecting. Good officer’s would have entered peacfully and got the story before reacting. That corridor with Tres Gringos and the night club next to it always has officers ready to pounce on who ever doesn’t walk across the street fast enough to the officers liking. I myself with my wife have gone out for a nice dinner to the Loft or P.F. Changs and come out of there and there is a wall of officers like a riot is going to occure. Talking about blinders most people look at officers as strait laced and law abiding but not the case they are like everyone else they like to have a good time get liquored up and raise hell because they can flash a badge and get away with it. Officers stick together at work and outside of work they will fabricate amoungst themselves to cover up what really happened. Unless it’s not on video (as we have seen) we will never know the truth. I’ve seen it done thousands of times. Most of my friends are officers and hanging with them I see the crap they get away with and I DON’T AGREE!!!! So take your blinders off, there is only a small percent of officers that are honest & truthful, and these are hated amoungst there own circle.  In this case if I seen my wife getting tased I also would have been the husband to run to my wife side to protect her regardless who was on the other end of that taser and make sure it was stopped with what ever means necessary. We will never know the real truth unless it was on record by some means of video tape.

  66. #72
    The only thing you might get tasered for is poor spelling and run on sentences. You state that “Most of my friends are officers” but then go on to state “there is only a small percent of officers that are honest & truthful”. Why would you associate yourself with a group that is mostly dishonest and untruthful? You also state that if your wife was getting tasered you would “make sure it was stopped with what ever means necessary”. So this seems to say you would use any force, including deadly force, if you perceived her life was endangered. That is exactly what the officer did too. He perceived his life was endangered by being attacked by at least 2 people, and he protected his own life “with what ever means necessary”. You have so far, probably unknowingly, made the strongest defense for the officer’s actions in protecting his own life that night, when he was threatened and attacked by a mob.

  67. YO, editor!  Your new categorization system SUCKS.  I spent ten minutes trying to find the Second Street shooting folder/tab/whatever you call it now.  Go back to “by-lines”

  68. Big Rudy 54 queried: “First there was no real reason to call for police assistance. There were verbal threats made at 1:00am. Closing is at 1:15-1:30am. How was he going to go get his gun, come back and take care of the employees? “

    Thank goodness for you Rudy that breathing is automatic.  Otherwise, if you had to think it through, you’d have been dead shortly after birth.

  69. Silicon Valley Newsroom wrote:“The officer drew his handheld weapon, a sound was heard, and Zuniga went down. “There was a lot of blood. Blood was gushing out of his abdomen,” Castillo, a Modesto resident, said.”

    If Mr. Zuniga was shot in the face as has been reported, how is it that , according to Senor Castillo, blood was rushing out of his abdomen?

    This is yet another reason why all of us must await the results of a thorough investigation of what actually occurred.

  70. #76 Why not ask the officer involved if he wished security would have taken care of the situation, so he would not be in the one that HE is in. Understand that all of these “calls to police” from the different “venues” are being “noted” so that when the owner of these venues re-new the lease/licences those calls will be taken into consideration.
    God bless the Zuniga family, and God bless that officer, and his family. Everyone in this situation has been affected by this. I can’t believe the officer responded to this call with mal-intent.

    #76,Please leave your computer-tuff talk for myspace. This is serious business.

  71. #74 JMO: It’s on the Home page and under Politics—and thanks for the tip—we’ll give SVN an author byline in the left column.

  72. The question is not whether an officer has the right to shoot a man who pushed him after he tased his wife…

    The question is whether the officer managed the situation effectively, and whether the situation could have de-escalated so that the taxpayers would not be paying for the costs of the investigation, the administrative leave and the inevitable lawsuit.

    - Did he have to threaten arrest, or could he have been empathetic to find out what the man’s beef with the security was?

    - Did he have to pull his taser on the wife? It seems that he disabled her so that he could arrest the husband.

    - Would soft closings with alcohol-cutoff prevent these tragedies?

    Some things to think about.

  73. First off.. Zuniga did not get shot in the abdomen.  You all need to understand this man is known to be an upstanding citizen.  He’s active in the school district as well as youth sports leagues. 
    You need not to believe everything that is reported in the press.  For instance, perhaps the bottle was not thrown at the officer.  Maybe it flew and hit him when she was tasered.  We do not know that these people were drunk.  Not in the least bit.

    I for one can attest to the corrupt attitudes of bouncers in downtown SJ.  Many of them are completely out of control.  Shame on all of you who believe these articles word for word.

  74. Yo, Metro folks—your new classification system REALLY SUCKS.  One has to hunt to find a thread in which one is interested.

    This thread is under the tab “politics”.  Huh?  “People”, “Culture”, or “Media” would all make more sense than “Politics”

    Go back to the old system, in which was easy to find a thread or folder which one wanted to follow or contribute to.

  75. #78—big rudy;  tough talk?  I wrote:“This is yet another reason why all of us must await the results of a thorough investigation of what actually occurred.”  You call that tough talk, big rudy?

    At least I use my full name, big rudy.  If you’re so big, why are you afraid to do the same?

    There are maybe 20 people in the entire world who saw what happened; even fewer who saw it from start to finish.  I’ve been around booze long enough to know that some VERY nice people become complete assholes when liquored up.  So, when I read all these comments about how nice the Zunigas are, I take it with a huge chunk of salt when I hear that they have been drinking, perhaps to excess.  When it takes six bouncers to escort an couple from a venue, I am not inclined to believe we are talking about Francis of Assisi and Mother Theresa, big rudy.

    Mrs. Zuniga, by all accounts, threw something at the officer and hit him in the head.  If it was a styrofoam cup, his response to tase her would be excessive.  If it was a beer bottle or another hard object, that response may well have been appropriate.

    When Mr. Castillo claims he saw blood gushing from Mr. Zuniga’s abdomen, when all reports to that time said Mr. Zuniga was shot in the face, it is not tough talk to question Mr. Castillo’s veracity, big rudy.

    Now, if it turns out that Mr. Zuniga was shot in the abdomen, one must then question why all the media reports said he was shot in the face.

    So, big rudy, what it all boils down to is that it doesn’t make a bit of difference if the Zunigas’ entire lives were spent in family oriented, charitable works.  All that matters is what happened that night…and none of us has the complete story.

    Thus, no-one should leap to any conclusions until all the fatcs are in, all the witnesses have been questioned at length.

    If that talk is too tough for you, big rudy…oh well.

  76. So, Kay # 80 injects into the mix that a bottle was thrown at the officer.  Ms. Kay, how did you come by that 4-1-1? Were you there?

    She also tells us that Mr. Zuniga was not shot in the abdomen.So, big rudy, that kinda knocks your critique of what you call my “tough talk” criticism of Senor Castillo (who claimed to have seen blood gushing from Mr. Zuniga’s abdomen) off the blocks.

    I return to my assessment—not a single one of us, including me, has all the info. re what went down that night.  Until we do, further discussion of this topic is premature and useless.

  77. I stumbled upon this article while searching for information regarding this incident. The majority of you are very nieve and blind. The police presence is nothing but necessary downtown at these times and thats just a fact. As for the victim in this case, I can atest to the fact of how unruly and disrespectful people can be with alcohol in their system or not. You must respect the police, its not a big secret they are to enforce laws set by city and government. It does not matter if Mr. Zuniga is a stand up individual regarding his stature and contributions to his community, this night he was acting out of hand and as a result he is in the hospital. You do not threaten people and act like this period. And for all of you who disagree with me and see this incident as purely the fault of the police, you too will soon become a stat of the city. Before you start acting like a complete shithead, stop and think about the consequences.