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  1. Tom, I hope you can let the listeners on KGO know about Cindy’s abhorrent desperation tactics of late, and why Chuck Reed is the better choice for mayor.

  2. Tom,

    Please rip Cindy for her latest desperate shenanigans.

    I hope Mandy Nguyen hammers CC with a defamation of character suit very soon.

  3. This makes me wonder if Rich is actually supporting Diaz. Is this just another one of his spins to try and get Sam’s supporters to relax?? Those of us who read this board regularly know that Rich often offers an interesting take on things but we also know we wouldn’t trust anything he says.
    But, in this case, lets prove Rich correct. Do everything we can for Sam. Of course, if Diaz is elected he probably won’t be able to serve his full term since he will be fighting legal battles and trying to deflect his ethics transgressions and he will eventually be brought down by his own deeds—just like Gregory, Chavez, and Gonzales. Lets save him the time and eliminate him now by electing Sam.

  4. #2 Hall Monitor—With apologies to Stephanie Miller, I think Mandy Nguyen will take a road Cindy Chavez coudn’t find if she had Google maps stuffed up her butt, it’s called the “high road”.

  5. At the closing of the KGO/McEnery program, a Chavez supporter “announced” that Bill Clinton was supporting Cindy Chavez.  Big whoop!  With several more days to go, maybe they can get the UN Secretary General to support Cindy.  I’m sure that will make a bif difference.

  6. Anyone have an idea as to the identity of the Cindy Chavez rep who called the Owens show? Judging by the voice, Cindy has either locked-up the over-caffeinated, helium-inhaler’s vote, or she’s got a very nervous space alien on her staff.

  7. Did everyone get a chance to read this morning’s Merc?

    Even though Richard Robinson predicts that we have this in the bag, the reality is that we don’t. This race is close right now, and it will be close on Tuesday.

    Expect Manny Diaz to hit us with last-minute negative campaigning—not only has he done it before (and don’t forget that he has won elections in the past by doing it), but as the truth comes out about his lobbying activities, we fully expect him to throw everything at us.

    We’ll have little time to counter any last-minute attacks through mail, so we’ll need help this weekend to walk the neighborhoods to tell voters.

    We know that just like the last few elections for the downtown seat, this one is going to be decided by a few hundred votes. Let me respectfully reiterate: this one is not in the bag.

    Please call us if you or someone you know can spare an hour or two any time in the next five days. This is for the future of D3 and the future of San Jose.

    Mikey Lee
    Campaign Manager, Liccardo for City Council
    (408) 283-0646

  8. Just to make you all feel better.  I have revised by analysis to call the Liccardo/Diaz race a toss-up.

    Keep working, take nothing for granted and win big.


  9. Tom Mc,

    I was surprised to hear Clinton endorse Cindy for mayor. Especially since he doesn’t have a clue of what has transpired on our city council since he left office in 2000.

    I read this morning where Cindy wrote Clinton a letter asking for his endorsement. It would be interesting to see what was on that letter.

    Was she honest with him, or did Cindy leave out some details like she has done on the council in order to fulfill her agenda?

    Did he agree to endorse her for a fee?

  10. #9—I’m sure there was a “fee” but it may not have been money.  If Cindy wins, then moves to higher office, he and Hilary will collect the main fee later.

    For the short term, it was just a box of cigars.

  11. # 10, J.O.’

    Are you refering to something along the lines of the “White Water Deal”? I seem to recall something about a sweet land deal for the benifit of the Clintons. I’m not even sure if white water is acurate. Perhaps you can enlighten us…

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