William Lynch

DA’s Office Won’t Retry Lynch; Priest Perjury Charge Still Possible

The Santa Clara County District Attorney’s Office announced Wednesday that it will not re-file a misdemeanor assault charge against William Lynch. Last week a jury acquitted Lynch of felony assault and hung on a misdemeanor charge. Lynch attacked Father Jerold Lindner in 2010, decades after the priest molested Lynch as a child. The DA’s office says it is “evaluating the obstacles to filing a perjury charge against Lindner,” who testified at the trial that he never molested Lynch.

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Priest Abuse-Assault Case Isn’t Over Yet

The verdict is in for the William Lynch Trial, and unsurprisingly it was “not guilty” on all felony counts. The jury did hang 8-4 for “guilty” on a misdemeanor battery charge. While the case is over for now, two interesting actions could be taken. One would involve the victim in the trial—Jerold Lindner, a priest accused of molesting Lynch and his brother as boys—being charged with perjury.


The Wild, Wild West: A Week in the Priest Abuse-Assault Trial

San Jose attorney Christopher Schumb will write a bi-weekly column for San Jose Inside focusing on the biggest cases and legal disputes in Santa Clara County. This is his first column.—Editor

If you have seen all the media vans parked in front of the Criminal Courthouse on Hedding Street, it’s not for a location shoot of Law and Order. The media is there for the courtroom drama unfolding in the trial of William Lynch. Mr. Lynch alleges that he was a victim of horrific child abuse by a Catholic priest, Father Jerold Lindner, in 1975. Mr. Lynch settled a civil suit he filed against Father Lindner and the church over a decade ago. In 2010, Mr. Lynch allegedly went to Father Lindner’s retirement home, and attacked the 67-year-old retired priest. From the outset, it was clear that Mr. Lynch’s agenda was to publicize the alleged abuse he, his brother and several other boys allegedly suffered at the hands of Father Lindner.

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