Santa Clara County Civil Grand Jury

Ex-Sheriff Smith Guilty of Corruption, Says Civil Court Jury

Smith, who announced her retirement on Monday while the jury was deliberating, faced the charges in a civil trial that had been filed by a Santa County Civil Grand Jury in December. Sentencing in such a case could normally result in her removal from office, but the sheriff's surprise resignation two months before the end of her sixth term makes that punishment moot.

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Leak of Grand Jury Report on 49ers Influence in Santa Clara Draws Fire for Political Timing

With few exceptions, the grand jury report’s observations, conclusions and recommendations landed squarely on one side of the city’s political divide–led by Mayor Lisa Gillmor–that was on the losing end of the 2020 council elections, promping the 49ers to call for an investigation of the grand jury for conflicts of interest. Today, the final version of the report revealed that two members had recused themselves because of possible conflicts.

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