San Jose Water Company

Residents Not Lovin’ Proposed McDonald’s

McDonald’s wants to build one of its fine dining drive-throughs across the street from a middle school, but San Jose residents who spoke up at a recent public hearing aren’t lovin’ it. A public hearing will be held over the fast-food joint at Tuesday’s City Council meeting. Other items on the agenda include the proposal to turn Agnews Development Center into a high school and the San Jose Water Company’s $2 million bid for pipe repairs.

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SJ Water’s Big Rate Hike Plan Draws Fire

More than a million people in and around San Jose could soon see a large increase in the price of water if a private utility that controls service for 80 percent of the city gets its way. The San Jose Water Company wants to raise rates by 44 percent over the next three years, bringing the average monthly water bill from $67 to $96 when the final increases go into effect, and overall revenue to more than $47 million. But what exactly do residents get in return? Far more than they need, according to a report by the Division of Ratepayer Advocates.