Public Safety, Finance and Strategic Support Committee

Fire Chief to Report on Response Times; Survey Questions Racial Biases of Police

San Jose’s fire chief, William McDonald, will present a verbal report along with a 46-page written report about the department’s response times—and failure to accurately report them—at Thursday’s Public Safety, Finance and Strategic Support Committee meeting. Also on the agenda is a survey that finds San Jose police officers are about as racist as the rest of local citizens—which isn’t a good thing—and a report on crime around the city’s two casinos.


San Jose Fire Dept. Slower than Reported

Since 2009, the San Jose Fire Department has responded to emergency calls slower than previously reported. The question is by how much. In a memo sent out Friday by the city manager’s office, Fire Chief William McDonald explains that “data used in the calculation of the response-time measure were excluded in error.”


Pyle’s Audit Request Denied at Rules

In one of her final requests as a San Jose councilmember, Nancy Pyle asked the Rules committee on Wednesday to let the council discuss an audit regarding staffing levels and employee bumping to different positions due to layoffs, resignations and retirements. The committee told her to kick rocks.

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