Los Gatos Town Council

An Open Letter to Netflix

San Jose Councilman Pierluigi Oliverio pens an open letter to Netflix, which is considering its options on where to expand operations, perhaps outside of Los Gatos. Oliverio makes his case for why the DVD and online movie streaming company should consider its neighbor, San Jose.


Meet the Glickmans

Judy Glickman, wife of former Los Gatos Councilman Steve Glickman, may be mounting a run of her own this November.  She has been hitting up local political consultants, shopping for somebody to help her in a race for her husband’s old seat on the clubby Los Gatos Town Council.

Her hubby was often a lone-wolf on the council, battling an otherwise unanimous body on topics ranging from a skatepark (which he favored) to a new public library (which he opposed). After deciding to step down rather than seek a third term last summer, Glickman circulated two 11th-hour initiatives—one to halt the new library project and another to institute term limits on his former colleagues. Both failed

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