Joey Chestnut

OMG: Don’t Text, Drive and Eat

The war on texting and driving has found an unlikely ally: Joey Chestnut, the San Jose resident of competitive eating fame. On Wednesday, Chestnut will link arms with AT&T officials at City Hall and stress the importance of drivers keeping their eyes on the road and hands at 10 and 2. LOL.

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San Jose Should Disown Joey Chestnut

Hard to believe that the Mercury News would provide space on its front page (let alone any page) to cover the annual spectacle that is the Nathan’s hot-dog eating contest.  Why would anyone have even the slightest interest in such an exhibition of gluttony?  Unfortunately for us, San Jose gets its name attached to the madness, as the “winner” of the event, Joey “Jaws” Chestnut, lives in San Jose.  Why would anyone celebrate this guy?  Is there any way that we can distance ourselves from Mr. Chestnut?