Six Degrees of Separation from Steve Jobs or the Shoulders of San Pedro Square

We all stand on the shoulders of others in the building of a city or a nation. Nowhere is that more true of our valley than in one strip of San Jose called San Pedro Square. A boy named Luis Peralta traveled north from Tubac, in Old Mexico, fully 1,000 miles, and he settled in this area; the DeAnza Party followed. We move from Peralta to Fallon, Masson, Giannini, Disney, Hewlett and Packard, and on to Jobs in a few short steps and some 200 years of San Jose history.

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Silicon Valley Money Lures Obama, Romney

Silicon Valley is home to tech behemoths such as Google, Adobe, Facebook, and HP. Being one of the biggest business hubs in the world, Silicon Valley has also become a fundraising battleground for President Obama and his likely opponent in November, Mitt Romney.


The Golden Boot

“He seems to be a real gentleman…I don’t know if he is or not. He may have a little wild man in there.”

In this viral YouTube video (http://bit.ly/JodieFisherReel), Jodie Fisher is not speaking about the disgraced former HP CEO Mark Hurd. But it’s one of several snippets from the career of the onetime soft-core porn actress turned smalltime reality TV star turned “corporate customer liaison” that are ironic in context.

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