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US Gov’t Announces County Highway Cleaning Bailout

Kids First Priority in Removal From Roadways

In a bid to clean up California’s dirtiest freeways, the US government agreed Wednesday to: “provide an $85 billion emergency loan to rescue Santa Clara County roads from litter, debris and children.”

Based on several studies, the state would have to supply billions of dollars a year to keep approximately 250 miles of freeways in a “really dirty, but not visible” state. This means that at a minimum, abandoned cars, mattresses and small children would be removed from the shoulders and medians.

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Governor’s Budget Cuts Supervisors

Approximately 1.25 Will Be Terminated

In a radical and controversial move, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has called for 25-percent across-the-board reductions in General Fund programming and county supervisor representation in Santa Clara County.

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Governor Finds Hiding Legislators after Search

Some Discovered in Mexico

In an interview with late last night, Governor Schwarzenegger reiterated his frustration with Republican legislators by announcing that he had hunted down, captured and dragged several GOP members back to the Capitol to face the $15.2 billion budget shortfall.


Fast Food Eateries Live to Fill Another Belly

Council Decides To Ban Kids Instead

In an unintended consequence of Councilwoman Nora Campos’s proposal to ban new fast-food restaurants in San Jose, the council has decided to allow fast food growth, but also try to protect kids from childhood obesity by banning them from the city.

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San Jose Invades Milpitas

Thousands of Milpitans Flee to Alviso

The Milpitas Post reported late Thursday that San Jose’s Honor Guard, backed by thousands of City Team peacekeepers and a bevy of Taiko drummers, invaded the small hamlet of Milpitas, resulting in several dangerous clashes with their loyal and brutal band of Minutemen left over from the city’s War of Independence in 1954.

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Bush Proposes Amber Alerts in Afghanistan

Says Galvanizing Searches Might Help Find Bin Laden

In a speech on Thursday in Beijing condemning China’s human rights record and it’s restrictions on internet access during the Olympic games (scooped on last week), President Bush took an opportunity to address the “War on Terror” by proposing an Amber Alert system in the Middle East to help catch Osama Bin Laden.

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Metro Newspapers Angered Over Olympic Censorship Among Those Blocked By Chinese Gov’t

Angered over the Chinese Government’s decision to limit access to the internet, Metro Newspapers and its affiliates Metroactive, Metro Silicon Valley, SV411, and have decided to vehemently protest the affront to free speech by staging what they are calling “venue-hugging” at certain sites used for Olympic events in and around Beijing.

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Sharks Hire Reggie Dunlap as Assistant Coach

Seen as a Move to Make Team “WNBA-Tough”

In a bold first move by new San Jose Sharks head coach Todd McLellan, the former player-coach of the Charlestown Chiefs, Reggie Dunlap, was hired as an assistant for what many in the NHL see as a fortitude-toughening measure to steel the men in teal for a run at the Stanley Cup and hockey legitimacy.

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