Xavier De La Torre

Emails Show Office of Education Committed to Obfuscation

The Santa Clara County Office of Education announced Tuesday that  Jon Gundry will become the next superintendent of schools.

Internal emails for top Santa Clara County Office of Education administrators provide a rare glimpse into an insulated power structure that attempts to control the message at all times, delays the delivery of information when possible and spins uncomfortable facts into purple public relations prose.

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Xavier De La Torre Leaving Post as County Superintendent of Education

Xavier De La Torre could be on his way out as superintendent of the Santa Clara County Office of Education. (Photo courtesy of El Paso Times)

After a rocky year-and-a-half on the job, it appears Santa Clara County Office of Education Superintendent Xavier De La Torre will be heading back to Texas for a job as superintendent of a smaller school district. San Jose Inside reported more than three months ago that De La Torre was on the brink of being fired or resigning after a series of dustups with staff, a dissatisfactory performance review and concerns about a cheating scandal.

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Office of Education in Turmoil as Board Considers Sending Superintendent Packing

Xavier De La Torre could be on his way out as superintendent of the Santa Clara County Office of Education. (Photo courtesy of El Paso Times)

Dr. Xavier De La Torre provides guidance and oversees the work of 31 school districts, 17,000 teachers and 280,000 students under the umbrella of the Santa Clara County Office of Education (SCCOE). In his role as county superintendent of education, he also leads an office of about 1,800 employees. But in just a little more than a year and a half on the job, De La Torre is facing the very real prospect of being fired or asked to resign.

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Charter School Wars Heat Up; Can Cooler Heads Prevail?

Some students who transferred from Communitas Charter High School to the Campbell Union High School District may still be able to receive credit for their work.

The Santa Clara County Office of Education hosted a special meeting Saturday for a charter school study workshop. Approximately, 50 community leaders, elected school board members and parents participated in a discussion on the role of charters and traditional public schools in meeting student academic needs. Even though all those who spoke appeared to have the right intentions, eliminating the achievement gap is a divisive issue.

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How Can Educators Solve the Racial Achievement Gap by 2020?

San Jose Inside columnist Joseph Di Salvo writes that local educators still don’t have the data necessary to do a meaningful analysis of the racial achievement gap in schools. (Photo courtesy of schoolbook.org)

There are several critical “gaps” in the education of our children. One is the gap of how our high school students compare to high school students in cities like Helsinki and Shanghai on PISA (Program for International Student Assessment). Let’s call this gap the “Global Achievement Gap.” It is related to how students perform on comparable international assessments to real world problems in reading, math and science.

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Discover Charter Goes Back before County Board of Education

The debate on the efficacy of charter school instruction compared to the other methodologies continues at the county level. (Photo by cybrarian77, via Flickr)

Tonight a third petition to build a second Discovery Charter School in San Jose goes back before county education officials. Other items on the county Board of Education agenda include a report on the $2 million cuts from the federal sequestration, a study on foster youth in schools and an update on Superintendent Xavier De La Torre paying back his home loan from the county.

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