Leadership Starts with Trust

Mayor Sam Liccardo will need to find common ground with opponents on issues outside of pension reform to move the city forward.

The current conundrum at City Hall has been exacerbated by the inability of personalities to work together on Measure B and pension reform. Mayor Sam Liccardo and his opponents should try to find at least one issue on which they agree.


Does Mayor Sam Have the Votes?

Mayor Chuck Reed, left, will sooon hand the baton to Sam Liccardo, and with it come a host of issues that will need to be resolved. (File photo)

People opposed to incoming Mayor-elect Sam Liccardo are also concerned with an interim appointment to the District 4 council seat, fearing it will give the mayor a governing majority. The truth is Liccardo already has a majority.


Mayor Liccardo’s Biggest Test

Sam Liccardo claimed victory in a close San Jose mayor's race with a little more than 51 percent of the vote. Final totals have still yet to be announced. (Photo by Brian Kirskey)

San Jose's new mayor faces huge challenges. The most striking problem is not simply putting more cops on the street, though it is an important goal. The real work will be bringing a divided city together.