San Jose Sharks

Political Predictions a Tricky Game

As Nate Silver proved in his statistical models, political predictions are often less accurate than a flip of the coin. (Image by Daniel Dale, via Flickr)

Predicting the future of politics is a tricky proposition, as Nate Silver pointed out in his NY Times blog and book during the election season. But taking a closer look at local issues, there are a few predictions you can, or can’t, count on in the future.

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NHL Lockout Kills Season, Local Businesses

The San Jose Sharks have not taken the ice this season due to the NHL lockout.

UPDATE: The NHL announced on Thursday the cancellation of regular season games through Jan. 14.—Editor

Does no one understand math? The myopic individuals responsible for the NHL lockout have already lost more money because of the work stoppage than they will recover in a settlement.


Council to End Some Sick Leave Payouts

The city begins its trimming of sick leave payouts at Tuesday’s City Council meeting, when three unions and Unit 99, which consists of the city’s top administrators, agree to end sick leave payouts for any employees hired on or after Sept. 30. This will be a negotiated battle that continues into next year with other labor unions, especially fire and police. Other items on the agenda include some good and bad news for Team San Jose, a pivotal vote on a taxi contract and a councilmember having his status changed for a missed meeting.

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Twenty Years With the Sharks

The Sharks didn’t get many reasons to celebrate back when they were playing in their first home at the Cow Palace. Photo by Chuq Von Rospach.

On Sunday and again last night, I saw the Sharks play the best hockey I have seen in 20 years. It doesn’t seem like 20 years ago that my family and I would pile into the car and drive to the Cow Palace in Daly City to watch hockey. I shared seats with a good friend who had never been to a hockey game in his life, until opening night at the Cow Palace.


Canadian Sharks Attack US

San Jose hockey fans must deal with a conundrum this afternoon, as the United States and Canada battle for Olympic gold. Do we root for the US team, or root for our home team?

Four San Jose Sharks—Joe Thornton, Patrick Marleau, Dany Heatley and Dan Boyle—make up the backbone of Team Canada. They have been key to Canada’s success, working together in what TV announcer Kenny Albert has called “the San Jose connection.” Only one Shark—Joe Pavelski—is playing for Team USA.

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