Rich de la Rosa

Casino M8trix in the Crosshairs

The state attorney general accused Casino M8trix of hiding $119 million to avoid paying city taxes and making contributions to gambling addiction programs.

Casino M8trix owners are accused of operating a $119 million shell game to hide profits. While the key players have clammed up, there is an election at hand and political points to be won and lost.

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City to Revisit Softball Complex Discussion

Plans to build a four-field softball complex at a site by Eastridge Mall were delayed so the city could explore other options.

Two minutes shy of deadline to place it on the Nov. 19 City Council agenda, Councilmember Pierluigi Oliverio logged a request for the city to revisit the discussion about where to place a softball complex paid for by the remaining balance of a $228 million pool of bond funds. That and more at Wednesday’s Rules and Open Government Committee.

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Millions at Stake in Fight over Fire Safety Requirements for High Rise Buildings

The San Jose Fire Department has taken an either/or approach to fire safety requirements for high-rise buildings.

For the last several months, a fight with multi-million dollar implications has quietly been waged over fire safety requirements in San Jose’s tallest buildings. The clash—featuring a tangled array of alliances between elected officials, developers, lobbyists, a monopolistic breathing device manufacturer, a union spurned and an ambivalent fire department—will come to a head Thursday afternoon, when the Public Safety, Finance & Strategic Support Committee meets to discuss the city’s tri-annual review of its fire and building codes.