Peter Allen

How Rooftop Solar Got Its Groove Back

The solar industry took several steps forward in 2013. (Photo by Official U.S. Navy Imagery, via Flickr)

By all accounts, 2013 was a banner year for the solar industry in the halls of government and the court of public opinion. Across the country, big utilities launched attacks on policies like net metering to stifle innovation and maintain the profit margins that clean solar energy threatens to undermine. And in the face of multimillion-dollar lobbyist brigades, the solar industry grew up and learned to fight back.

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How Santa Clara Scored Big in Attracting the 49ers, Super Bowl L

This graphic rendering of the new San Francisco 49ers stadium in Santa Clara should be a reality next year.

Here it comes. The biggest, baddest sports spectacular in the United States of America. Super Bowl L—that is L as in roman numeral 50; and “L” as in “L”ove it—will be an unofficial national holiday. This is an extravaganza and event so special that it dwarfs all other sporting events. And to think it all started with one man’s vision, a letter and a personal visit.

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