Charter, Public Schools Can Coexist

Kids can benefit when traditional public schools and charter schools work together, Board of Education trustee Joseph DiSalvo argues.

Two events I attended this week provide some optimism about traditional public and charter schools’ ability to coexist. Stories of eliminating inequality in public education are playing out in real time all over the valley. We should stand proud of how the region is rising up to form powerful coalitions to lobby elected officials and public leaders.

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Turf Wars Overshadow Education Priorities

Thomas Menino, mayor of Boston, recently announced an innovative plan to combine funding for schools in his city. (Photo by Office of Governor Deval Patrick, via Flickr)

With its vastly superior public education system, will Boston surpass Silicon Valley as the global leader of technological innovation? It’s a distinct possibility unless we get our act together. Boston is poised to win, considering the current fights focus on turf instead of better educational results for our children.

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