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Councilman Ash Kalra Wants to Ban Soda, Other Sugary Drinks at City Spaces, Events

Councilman Ash Kalra has proposed a ban on the sale of certain sugary drinks at City Hall and city events. (Photo by Olli Pitkänen, via Flickr)

In a move New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg might appreciate, Councilman Ash Kalra wants to ban sugary drinks from all city-owned buildings and city-sponsored events. Other items on the Rules and Open Government Committee agenda include a potential raise in the airport’s noise curfew fines and David Wall alleging that the Environmental Innovation Center fiasco was a ponzi scheme.


Clothing Recyclers Oppose Box Ordinance

The city says it has received enough complaints about trash and graffiti near clothing donation boxes that it will consider a new ordinance regulating the drop-off containers.

Enough people have complained to the city about drop-off containers for used clothing, mostly in grocery story parking lots, as being magnets for graffiti and trash, that San Jose’s Planning Commission agreed earlier this year to do something. But some people suspect this is part of a larger strategy by Goodwill Industries, Inc. to put up a little more red tape for companies that own the scattered-about donation boxes. A proposed ordinance is criticized in a letter submitted to the public record for Wednesday’s Rules and Open Government Committee.

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Council Holds Hearing over San Jose Airport Expansion, Noise Curfew

San Jose’s City Council will consider an $82 million expansion of the city’s airport, which could affect the amount of noise generated by late-night flights. (Photo by madrazz, via Flickr)

Flights louder than 89 decibels can’t fly in and out of San Jose from 11:30pm to 6:30am without violating current airport rules. Airlines risk a $2,500 fine and, if a tenant at Norman Mineta San Jose International Airport, they could face eviction if found in repeated violation. The whole curfew conversation came up last week, when downtown Councilman Sam Liccardo asked to delay a City Council vote on a proposed $82 million addition to the airport. Signature Flight Support, whose proposal involves a massive new facility that will house Google’s executive jet fleet, doesn’t think it’s fair for the lease language to allow the city to evict the company over a single curfew violation.

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