San Jose Is Not Detroit

Michigan Central Station sits empty and broken, looming over Detroit like a mausoleum. (Photo by Justin Mier, via Flickr)

Hyperbole is the crudest way to make a point. It’s also the easiest way to lose an audience. But there’s a desperate talking point in local political circles going unchallenged. No longer.


Does San Jose Know the Way to Detroit? Let’s Hope Not

A number of contributing factors have led to Detroit’s recent bankruptcy filing, but urban sprawl appears to one trait the city shares with San Jose. (Photo by Juan N Only, via Flickr)

Once a beacon of America’s promise, the city of Detroit is burning out. And if San Jose refuses to innovate in ways Detroit could have, it might face a similar future. To understand how, we must first uncover overlooked similarities between San Jose’s present and Detroit’s past.