Dave Cortese

FDA Should End Gay Blood Ban

Congressman Mike Honda, left, and Lynn Walton, who has a gay son barred from donating blood to help his younger brother, speak at a press conference held Monday outside the county building.

The Food and Drug Administration is the man at the end of the bar that you would prefer tells his story walking. His claims are rote, the bark of calamity whistling through his toothless bite. But the FDA’s continued ban on allowing gay and bisexual men to donate blood is not toothless—it’s spineless.


Your 4th of July Cheat Sheet

Here comes the boom.

After six years without a single spark, the Rotary Club will bring the fireworks back to downtown San Jose’s annual Independence Day celebration. If that doesn’t sound enticing, we’ve compiled 15 other 4th of July events.

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Best, Worst of Monday Night Live

Two straight-laced, upper-crust graduates of Bellarmine Prep doing a lip-synching battle. What could go wrong?

The 21st annual comedy show Monday Night Live! starred some of Silicon Valley’s biggest political players eschewing personal dignity for the sake of raising money for the San Jose Stage Company. For that we thank them.

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Mercury News: Dave Cortese Mailer ‘Lying with the Facts’

This "news clip" appeared in a recent mailer sent out by Dave Cortese's campaign for mayor of San Jose.

“Cortese ‘not afraid to say no’” to special interests, thundered a polished mailer from the Dave Cortese San Jose mayoral campaign. That might seem like typical candidate-speak, but the mailer actually quotes the Mercury News. But the Merc is accusing Cortese of deliberately “lying with the facts.”


A Few Election Day Observations

Sam Liccardo came in second in the San Jose mayor's race, which will be decidedly different now that only he and Dave Cortese remain.

Tuesday’s primary election told us a number of things: Ro Khanna has more than an uphill fight against Mike Honda, spoilers altered the San Jose mayor’s race and libertarians in Silicon Valley have disappeared.