Charter School Wars Heat Up; Can Cooler Heads Prevail?

Some students who transferred from Communitas Charter High School to the Campbell Union High School District may still be able to receive credit for their work.

The Santa Clara County Office of Education hosted a special meeting Saturday for a charter school study workshop. Approximately, 50 community leaders, elected school board members and parents participated in a discussion on the role of charters and traditional public schools in meeting student academic needs. Even though all those who spoke appeared to have the right intentions, eliminating the achievement gap is a divisive issue.

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Communitas Mess a Lack of Collaboration

Eight students who transferred from the now-defunct Communitas Charter School lost credit for coursework after transferring to Campbell Union High School District.

Competition between schools, whether charter or traditional public, should never use students as pawns. Unfortunately, eight students who attended Communitas Charter High School last year have greatly suffered by the continuing “war” between competing public entities.