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Rich Robinson

Rich Robinson is an attorney and political consultant in Silicon Valley. Opinions are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect those of San Jose Inside.

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The Worst Way to Spend Taxpayer Money

Taxpayers hate nothing more than seeing their money wasted.

The anger expressed by San Jose Inside commenters regarding payouts to former city executives is representative of the public at large. A substantial segment of the population doesn’t believe taxpayer money is being used effectively; excessive payouts simply reinforce that idea.


Ready for the Super Bowl?

Santa Clara's new football stadium will be the host site for next year's Super Bowl. (Photo via Facebook)

Little known Glendale, Arizona, played host to Super Bowl XLIX, reaping economic benefits anywhere between $50 million and $600 million. Next year, Santa Clara stands to gain that windfall. Are we ready?


The Soap Opera at City Hall: ‘As San Jose Turns’

San Jose's public safety union heads sent a sharply worded letter earlier this week to the mayor and council regarding future negotiations.

A recent San Jose Inside story uncovered the hubris exhibited at the top levels of our city’s government. The piece shatters the mythology that “professional” governance is somehow better than elected leadership. But salacious details aside, the fact remains that San Jose will remain a second-class city until we adopt a strong-mayor form of government.


Does Mayor Sam Have the Votes?

Mayor Chuck Reed, left, will sooon hand the baton to Sam Liccardo, and with it come a host of issues that will need to be resolved. (File photo)

People opposed to incoming Mayor-elect Sam Liccardo are also concerned with an interim appointment to the District 4 council seat, fearing it will give the mayor a governing majority. The truth is Liccardo already has a majority.