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JP Morgan is San Jose’s Payday Lender

J.P. Morgan the man is no longer here, but the global financial services firm he founded has a firm grip on its Letter of Credit with the city of San Jose.

Last week, I participated as the alternate for Mayor Chuck Reed on the oversight board for the Successor Agency to the Redevelopment Agency (SARA). The primary focus of the meeting concerned the approval of a one-year extension to the existing Letter of Credit (LOC) with JP Morgan bank. This extension had already been passed by the City Council, but it was still up to the SARA Oversight Board to approve the extension as well.

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San Jose Seniors Should Come First

This development in San Jose, Cinnabar Commons, was built with money set aside for affordable housing. (Photo by //ichael Patric|{, via Flickr)

San Jose has spent approximately $1 billion on affordable housing, which has produced tens of thousands of units being built within our city limits. The city has always done more than its fair share in this area. In fact, San Jose has carried the region—to its own economic detriment—by shouldering most of the affordable housing needs, resulting in fewer jobs.


In Case of Emergency, Law Enforcement Communications Options Limited

The Sheriff’s Office and police in different Santa Clara County cities would have difficulty communicating in real-time in the event of an earthquake or terrorist attack. (Photo by Jason Rojas, via Flickr)

The day begins like any other in beautiful Silicon Valley: children are on their way to school, commuters are stuck in traffic, etc. Our carefree existence then suddenly gives way to a terrorist attack at a high-profile technology company. People are killed, injured, power is out, phone service is down, and a pursuit is underway for those who have set out to harm us. Police and fire departments across the region and in neighboring counties attempt to communicate and provide mutual aid, as an “all hands on deck” approach is required to tackle the catastrophic situation as it unfolds. But in this scenario, one of the main issues is that there is no way to for all personnel to effectively communicate with other agencies in real time.


West San Carlos

West San Carlos provides an eclectic mix of businesses to San Jose residents.

West San Carlos (WSC), with its cool vibe and eclectic mix of businesses, is not only a destination in-and-of itself, but it also plays a pivotal role linking downtown San Jose and Santana Row. This area also happens to fall within both the city and county jurisdictions. This dual jurisdiction has historically thwarted development, and has made consistent code enforcement difficult. But with recent annexations, there now exists the opportunity for positive private economic development to happen on WSC.

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Measure D: Add It to the Tab

The service industry will experience the biggest change as a result of San Jose’s minimum wage increase, which goes into effect next month. (Photo by Adam Croot, via Flickr)

The new minimum wage law, Measure D, will take effect March 11, 2013. Many business owners I have spoken with plan to cover the increase in payroll costs by raising prices, reducing the hours of current employees and, in some case, simply eliminating positions altogether. But there is another option.


On Gangs and Doing the Right Thing

Neighborhood Watch programs serve as one tool for communities to combat gangs. (PHoto by hsivonen, via Flickr)

The Mayor’s Gang Prevention Task Force held its fifth annual community summit Saturday, and more than a hundred San Jose residents were in attendance. For me, much of the information presented at the meeting served as an unfortunate reminder of the havoc gangs create in our communities.


Let’s Talk Trash

San Jose’s elected officials recently discussed options on how it should manage billing for its garbage services, with some councilmembers arguing that they thought residents should pay higher rates without offering new services.

When it comes the garbage services, residents have two simple requests: 1. Pick up the garbage every week in a reliable manner; 2. Do it in the most cost-effective way possible. Easy enough, right? Well, no. Potentially higher costs for garbage services were the topic under discussion at the last City Council meeting.


Sports Complex Presents Fiscal Curveball

A proposed softball complex could generate revenue for the city of San Jose, or it could be a liability for the general fund. (Photo by Laura Padgett, via Flickr)

Near the end of last year, the City Council approved the exploration of building a sports complex in one of two places: Singleton Landfill or the county fairgrounds. There are some serious costs and benefits to both proposed sites, but one has an edge based on past council decisions to subsidize recreational offerings.

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