Chirco Vows to Beat Cancer

Vice Mayor Judy Chirco had to skip this morning’s council session for a doctor’s appointment. Her staff confirmed today that the District 9 councilwoman was diagnosed with breast cancer. She is awaiting surgery.

True to form, Chirco remained upbeat after her appointment Tuesday, despite having to take in the sad news. She pointed to the positive: “It’s not aggressive cancer,” she said, “so I’m taking the good news.”

Afterward, Chirco attended the afternoon council session.

In other good news, Chirco says the surgery and treatment should not take her away from her council duties for long. “I expect to have surgery and after a reasonable time, which I have been assured isn’t overly long, to come back and continue work on the council.”


  1. Judy, if you’re reading this, keep up your positive attitude and thoughts! Studies have shown a strong link between stress and cancer(s)and on the flip side, also have shown that a good attitude makes a positive difference for people’s health in general.

    My prayers are with you,


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