Wilcox Hired by Sierra Leone Diamond Miners

Will Manage Child Labor Production

A notorious rebel group controlling several diamond mines in the gem-rich region of Sierra Leone has made a unique decision to hire former Santa Clara County school chief Colleen Wilcox to run the adolescent stone production unit of the diamond mines.

“Production has slipped in recent years,” explained a spokesman for the Revolutionary United Front (RUF), a rebel army responsible for unspeakable acts of cruelty and human torture.  “We think Ms. Wilcox will fit right in.”

Throughout the revolutionary-leaning and civil war-happy African regions, Ms. Wilcox’s reputation is renowned.  Known to inspire an employee with a pinch of the buttock or an affinity for native dance, many African dictatorial leaders believe that she would be a perfect balance against the move toward human rights, child labor laws and ethical treatment of workers.

“We are in serious need of weapons to fund our revolutions,” said one guerilla leader. “We can’t do that with the United Nations mucking things up and championing labor laws.”

Unable to be reached by phone, Ms. Wilcox said through a spokesman that her first course of action will be to “work towards an affordable health plan for the skinny people of Africa.”


  1. Yo, Colleen Wilcox
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  2. Bloggers feeling sorry for poor Colleen today?
    As usual, John the Third is on to something. Even the Murky Editorial page tears into the lady, more directly than SJI, and for once, they get it right. One hardly need wonder why Wilcox hung on to a job that never ever lasts more than 6 years for 14 when she can require the Board, her nominal and legal boss, to submit to being fingerprinted. They could ask her to be fingerprinted, but not vv. And then to terrorize them into paying her half a million dollars to just go away. What could she do to them? Really. Make them do an ethnic dance to start every meeting? As Mark Twain said 100 years ago, “For practice, God made idiots; then he made school boards.”
    Anyway, she has ACSA still, lining her up for her next job (Association of California School Administrators). Sure is lucky for us ordinary folks that arrogance in the uber alles, no matter what culture, is like dope—inevitable overdose, and the unavoidable end, awaits.
    But I sure would like to see the list of amazing educational achievements Colleen Wilcox has left in her broad wake. The day her story broke in the papers, an increase in the high school dropout rate was announced. As with the Emporer’s clothes, just being appointed Superintendent brings automatic accolades to appear to adorn the chosen one.          George Green

  3. Now George, let’s be fair. It was just a few months ago on this very blog you boasted that you had “hired” Wilcox.  Today you seem to have the daggers out with the rest of the mob. Et tu, Brute? 

    Meanwhile we have the Merc editorially ripping into Wilcox for releasing (to the Merc) the very report that criticized her performance. Rewind the tape back a few days and the same editorialists were threatening a lawsuit to force the report’s release.

    Isn’t it interesting how the Merc, in it’s righteous indignation, wants to have it both ways?  They should be grateful to Wilcox for saving them a boatload of attorneys fees!

    With this kind of community support, combined with the long history of poor performance and hack politics by the county school board, can anyone blame Wilcox for quitting?

  4. Hiya Mal—She didn’t quit; she was fired. And for reason. And you didn’t read my old blog carefully. I most definitely did not brag that I had hired her, I merely stated I was president of the board that hired her. She was not my 1st, 2nd or 3rd choice for supt. In fact, she was a reject on my list and on the list of another board member, but her case was loudly advanced by the headhunter, in the absence of any real accomplishments listed in her resume. The rest of the board openly stated that only a woman would be considered, even if a man were better qualified. My choice was immediately hired by the San Diego County Board of Ed. Wilcox went through many winowing ballots to get a board majority. Her first hire for personal secretary didn’t last til lunchtime before she quit, but the board majority that hired her wouldn’t see the problem. It lasted 14 years. The list of employees she eliminated might be rather long. The rest just trembled. George Green

  5. Hi George,

    On Dec. 13, 2006 here’s what you posted on SJI:

    “When I was President of the Santa Clara County Board of Education, the second time, I hired Colleen Wilcox as Supt.”

    OK maybe not a brag but not exactly “I merely stated I was president of the board that hired her.”

    On the quit vs. fired issue:
    If you have documentation to the contrary please present it.

    One point in which we can agree, the responsibility for oversight of the Superintendent lies with the board.

  6. Dear beautiful caring gentle Colleen Wilcox
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    Hear my heart beat – tick, tick, tocks
    I dedicate myself to lovin’ you around the clocks

  7. If Wilcox was ‘fired,’ why did the Board shovel $hundreds of thousands into her pocket at the same time?

    Maybe I missed something, but from everything I’ve read, this is nothing but “he said/she said.” Despite the putative right in American jurisprudence to be able to face one’s accusers, so far the [redacted] names of the accusers are as secret as in a medieval Star Chamber.

    And I, for one, would love to know if the county Board of Ed employs illegal aliens. THAT is a much bigger issue than an alleged butt-pinching nine years ago.

  8. 1. Yes, she retired, after weeks of saying “I’m not going anywhere” and not until it looked as if the official report would be released.
    2.Don’t think because the “facts” are posted on the SCCOE website that haven’t had a spin put on them.
    3. It’s only “he said/she said” if you haven’t been employed at SCCOE and have witnessed the behavior.
    4. The Board “shoveled $hundreds of thousands into her pocket” because her CONTRACT was written with those provisions.