San Jose’s Minimum Wage to Bump Up to $12 Starting July 1

In less than a week, San Jose’s minimum-wage workers can expect a pay bump. A wage increase to $12 an hour is set to go into effect July 1, increasing the lowest hourly salary from $10.50.

This increase is part of a larger rollout, which was unanimously passed by the San Jose City Council in November 2016. The city aims to have a minimum wage of $15 by January 2019.

In a statement, Mayor Sam Liccardo said the city is “proud to be among the half dozen cities in our region” that are moving toward the $15 threshold. However, the wage hike will not be extended to youth in job training programs.

Business owners and nonprofits urged the council last November to support a rollout that would give them more time to prepare, while low-wage workers urged council members for an immediate change.

The average studio apartment in San Jose costs approximately $1,800 a month, according to the city, meaning an individual who makes the current minimum wage and works 40 hours a week often can’t even afford to put a roof over their head. And that’s just the price of housing, saying nothing of food, clothing and other expenses.

“This increase will provide a well-deserved boost for the thousands of hard-working families in our community who are struggling to keep up with the extraordinarily high cost of living in Silicon Valley,” Liccardo said.

San Jose voters previously increased the minimum wage in 2012 through Measure D, which brought the city’s salary floor to $10 an hour. The next scheduled increase will bring San Jose’s minimum wage to $13.80 in January 2018.


  1. Good we need $15 Big Macs and more gardeners working for cash under the table, and not paying taxes.
    Do you think we can replace the coffee shop guy in city hall with a droid or will Sam leave a 20% tip for his $10 Starbucks?

  2. I became so disillusioned as a 15 year old working at Arbys for $1.40/hr. I had so hoped and expected that I would be able to buy a house, get married and support a family. Unfortunately the 70s was a backwards era and there was no economic justice for me. Tragically, I had to develop skills other than wrapping roast beef sandwiches.
    Luckily times have changed and we’ve got our priorities right. Today’s progressive politicians understand that people should be given anything they want simply by whining for it.

    • “Pro-labor” economics and capitalist economics are VERY different. Such economists simply believe different things.

      Keynesian (“pro-labor”) economists, for example, don’t believe much in “dynamic scoring”. The don’t believe that changing the price of things changes behavior. E.g. they don’t believe that changing the “price” of low-skilled labor changes employer behavior.

  3. Memo to: Progressives
    From: Minimum wage workers.

    “Just leave us alone, you effing meddlesome snowflakes.”

    > The University of Washington paper asserts the new wages boosted worker pay by 3 percent, but also resulted in a 9-percent reduction in hours and a $125 cut to the monthly paychecks.

    • > We need a living wage, not a minimum wage. Watch everything go up because of Inflation.

      News bulletin: the “minimum wage” is simply a tail chase.

      Minimum wage increase ==> inflation ==> minimum wage increase ==> inflation ==> minimum wage increase ==> inflation ==> wash, rinse, repeat

      If you want a “living wage”, reduce your living standard until you can live on your wages.

      Either that or find a way to make yourself more useful and valuable to wage payers.

      Bullying or threatening wage payers is NOT a way to make yourself more useful and valuable.

      • The only good thing here, is I don’t have to post my feelings, sjoutsidethebubble does it for me. Thank you. Well I’m on my way out the door to shoot myself in the foot, maybe I’ll feel better about it all.

  4. $12 an hour for wrapping hamburgers at fast food joints will make our country great again! Viva USA!

  5. If you can’t afford to pay minimum wage and run a business quit and work for someone who can. They just want people to work for free. Perhaps they should just hire their relatives and people like them.

  6. This is what happens when voters elect “Liberal” politicians. The politicians rush to enact policies that make them appear to be “more compassionate than thou.” They have such enormous salaries and benefits that the price increases that inevitably occur across the whole economy hardly affect them.

  7. We have Republicans in office who are lazy and don’t know the meaning of work. They just live off our taxes and want to go back in time. Why don’t Trumps buddies reduce their salaries if they are worried about high wages? I hear now they want us to pay for security because they are afraid. Why don’t they carry their own guns since this is what they preach.

  8. The higher minimum wage has increased unemployment and reduced the take home pay of those who kept their jobs in Seattle and Portland. St. Louis has rolled back its minimum wage fro $10/hour to $7.60/ hour for the same reason. There is no question it is difficult if not impossible to live on any minimum wage around here. So, stay in the free school everyone in this country has access to, learn a real skill, earn enough money to get by. Graduate from college and earn even more. The more a burger flipper is paid, the costlier the burger becomes. The wage/price spiral remains alive and well.

  9. Everyone must stop looking at this as a “Jobs” or “Wages issue” for in truth this is a balanced budget issue.

    Remember when the State cut all of those maximum sentences and sent all those victims from the State Pens to the county jails? That had nothing to do with Social Justice 100% balanced budget.

    Now the cities gotta balance their budget. Quiet a few of those exploited minimum wage earners will not be able to comprehend that they will now loose many of those benifits that they now qualify for and if they keep any it will be severely reduced.

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