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What’s Funny About Measure B?

San Jose Stage Company rolls out the red carpet Monday for the 19th annual Monday Night Live! fundraiser. The question is: Who will steal the show this year? A sketch comedy event in which local celebrities, politicians and business people satirize the issues Silicon Valley is facing, as well as themselves, MNL!-Nineteen will be guest hosted by Councilmember and style guru Nancy Pyle, of District 10.

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Move to Amend Rally at St. James

The Santa Clara County chapter of Move to Amend will hold a rally at noon Thursday in St. James Park, near the Historic Courthouse. Move to Amend is a nonpartisan organization arguing for a 28th amendment that would overturn corporate personhood and rule that money is not equivalent to free speech. 

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669 Area Code Process Begins Saturday

The California Public Utilities Commission predicts Santa Clara County’s 52-year-old area code, 408, will run out of numbers at the end of this year. Last October, the CPUC voted to add area code 669 to the same geographic region as the existing 408 area code in what is called an area code overlay. Starting Saturday, customers may dial ten digits for any number within the 408. On Oct. 21, a sure-to-be maddening voice recording will remind callers to dial a 10-digit number.

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Bitbadal Labor’s Best Bet in District 10?

Labor gave two endorsements for the District 10 City Council race, but unions’ preferred option is burning up dollars while their second choice took the lead in campaign fundraising. Campaign finance forms made public Thursday show planning commissioner Edesa Bitbadal, who received an open endorsement from labor, raised $86,765. Meanwhile, Brian O’Neill, who received the primary endorsement from South Bay Labor Council, raised $27,233 in this time period. Most of that money didn’t last, though. O’Neill spent $17,498 during the first 11 weeks of the year.

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Giants, A’s Clash over Territorial Rights

The public relations war we’ve all been waiting for is finally here. In a recent article, New York Daily News columnist Bill Madden suggested that MLB was unlikely to grant the Oakland A’s permission to move to San Jose. Baseball officials responded by saying no decision had been made. Then the A’s and San Francisco Giants sparred with competing statements about who had rights to the South Bay territory.

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Falcon Season is Back!

San Jose City Hall’s celebrity falcons Clara and Esteban Colbert celebrated the dropping of their second egg of the season around 8:30am Wednesday morning. Clara started her sixth nesting season Saturday with the dropping of her first egg. Glenn Stewart, biologist and coordinator of UC Santa Cruz’s Predatory Bird Research Group, expects each egg to drop in 56-hour intervals until Clara and Esteban have a nest of three or four. Clara has had a series of lovers since she first built her nest on the 18th level of City Hall in 2007.

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People Speak Out Against Citizens United

A day before the two-year anniversary of the Citizens United v. the Federal Election Commission Supreme Court ruling, more than 200 protesters gathered Friday at St. James Park in San Jose. The rally was held in support of the Move to Amend demonstration, a proposed constitutional amendment that would reverse Citizen’s United, which paved the way for corporations and unions to spend an unlimited amount of money on political campaigns.

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