How Candidates Act after the Campaign

Hubert Humphrey, center, and Ted Kennedy share a laugh while on the campaign trail.

In 1988, while working for the late Sen. Ted Kennedy in Minneapolis—he was stumping for Hubert “Skip” Humphrey for the U.S. Senate—a revelation occurred out of the public sphere. As a witness to the event, it resonates today in the era of partisanship. It was an example of how politics really work when not viewed solely through the jaded lens of the media.

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Campos Pushes for Greater Union Power

Assembly Member Nora Campos’ AB 455 would allow unions to help determine who sits on cities’ civil service commission.

A bill authored by Nora Campos, a former San Jose city councilmember who is now in her first term in the State Assembly, would give unions far more power in their dealings with top city and county officials. It would even allow them to determine elected officials pay in some cities.