District 2

Shirakawa Scandal Dishonors Community, Future Minority Candidates

George Shirakawa’s illegal actions have left District 2 without a representative as the county works to set up a special election on June 4.

As an active resident in Santa Clara County’s District 2, I, like so many others, am ashamed of George Shirakawa. The former supervisor blatantly violated the trust of the most vulnerable residents of our district. His deplorable actions have led this district, which suffers from high rates of poverty, gangs, drug issues, under-education and lack of healthcare, to have absolutely no representation until August.


Integrity Must Supersede Political Loyalty

This cover story detailing the shady campaign activities of former Supervisor George Shirakawa was published Sept. 26, 2012.

Integrity is the single most important ethos the public has a right to expect from anyone who participates in the political arena. Beyond party and philosophy, it is the one essential element of governance that each of us must insist upon when doing the people’s business.