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Pete Constant Pulls out of Mayor’s Race

Pete Constant has decided to pull out of the San Jose mayor’s race.

Pete Constant, the lone Republican contender in this year’s crowded field for mayor of San Jose, bowed out of the race Tuesday. His exit drops the number of San Jose councilmembers running to succeed Mayor Chuck Reed to four: Rose Herrera, Sam Liccardo, Madison Nguyen and Pierluigi Oliverio. County Supervisor Dave Cortese, who previously served on the council, is also considered a strong contender.

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Judge Hands Down Ruling on Measure B

Judge Hands Down Ruling on Measure B

A ruling on San Jose’s controversial pension reform initiative, Measure B, became public Monday, and both the city and union leaders claimed victory. Santa Clara County Superior Court Judge Patricia Lucas wrote in her decision that the “legal question is whether and to extent Measure B violates vested rights.” The answer appears to be yes and no. Click to read the judge’s full decision.


Institute Led by ‘Vulture Fund’ CEO Hosts Mayor Reed for Pension Reform Conference

Paul Singer, chair of the Manhattan Institute, which paid for San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed’s flight to New York this week, is also CEO of Elliot Management—one of the biggest “vulture funds” in the world. (Photo by World Economic Forum, via Flickr)

First he behested $200,000 on behalf of a shadow group under the control of John Arnold, the former Enron executive who helped crash California’s economy before making big bucks as a hedge-fund manager. Then he acted as chief requester for $50K from Richard Riordan, the former mayor of LA, and a matching denomination from a couple of pension-busting obsessed businessman in Silicon Valley. Now, San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed, in his quest to put a state pension reform measure on next year’s ballot, appears to have joined forces with the Manhattan Institute and its billionaire chairman Paul Singer, an ardent supporter of The One Percent.


Disconnect between Mayor Reed, City Manager on Police Chief Search?

San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed says he expects the city to name a permanent police chief by the end of the year.

In his weekly call-in show Monday with KLIV 1590 executive director George Sampson, San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed pulled back the curtain a bit on the city’s efforts to find a permanent police chief. The question is whether or not City Manager Debra Figone—the person charged with suggesting who to hire—was ready for that curtain call. Reed told Sampson he expects the city to officially name a permanent police chief by the end of this year. But, according to the city manager’s office, the search to name a long-term police chief has not been active in roughly eight months.


Acting Police Chief Larry Esquivel Caught in Labor Crossfire

Larry Esquivel, San Jose’s acting police chief, has waded into a war of words between City Hall and the police union.

Breaking up is hard to do. Breaking up a fight between the San Jose police union and City Hall could be damn near impossible. In what appeared to be an effort to mend fences and remind people who’s the boss, Acting Police Chief Larry Esquivel recently sent an email this week to his command staff—roughly 50 deputy police chiefs, lieutenants and captains—scolding them for signing on to a letter critical of the city recent actions involving labor negotiations.


Supervisor Ken Yeager Snubs Mayor Chuck Reed over Marriage Equality

County Board of Supervisors President Ken Yeager declined to meet with his former council colleague, San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed, due to the latter’s opposition to same-sex marriage.

Ever since Chuck Reed was elected mayor of San Jose in 2006, he has held quarterly meetings with the president of the Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors. The goal of these meetings is to allow city and county officials to discuss legal disputes without lawyers present. But that all changed last week, when current Board president Ken Yeager snubbed Reed’s request for a meeting.