Carl Guardino

Liccardo Leans on Guardino for Mayoral Transition Team

Sam Liccardo, left, and Carl Guardino have a close friendship that is only getting closer as the latter co-chairs the mayor-elect's transition team. (Photo by Dan Pulcrano)

San Jose Mayor-elect Sam Liccardo announced that an eight-person transition team will help him “identify key initiatives to focus on” during his first term. It appears Carl Guardino, his close friend and CEO of Silicon Valley Leadership Group, will have the loudest voice in the room.


Accountability Mailer or Hit Piece?

(There's a difference between an accountability mailer and a hit piece. Photo by Stephen Nessen/WNYC)

Here comes the clutter of political advertisements. The public's least favorite time of year, when mailboxes are full of negative mailers and television ads assault the senses. First rule to remember: there is nothing that can't be said in politics, no matter how outrageous the claim.