Rants and Raves


  1. Judy Chirco shows up to meetings battling cancer and Nguyen can’t show up to vote and then leave? No matter how sick how could you miss the vote for the Budget?

  2. I don’t see the Merc’s point. Maybe they’re still sore that the recall they worked s hard to orchestrate fizzled so badly?

    Why should Nguyen come to a meeting sick to cast a vote in a situation were the result is preordained? It’s not like her “yea” was needed to get it passed. Nguyen, like everyone else, knew the budget vote was all lined up and a slam dunk. Her vote would have only been one more toward unanimity. That’s why the Merc’s suggestion that she was ducking a crucial vote is so far off the mark.

    Personally, I don’t like it when people come to work sick especially when they don’t really need to be there. I guess the rest of the council feels the same way because they all voted to excuse the absence!

    The Merc may also have sunk to a new low in pointing out that Chirco was present for the vote. As anyone who has spent time around cancer patients understands, Chirco’s cancer treatments give her good days and bad days.  This makes the Merc’s comparison an especially classless display of bad journalism.

  3. i’ve been away from sji for sometime, so apologies if this has been covered already, but:

    The street calming and sidewalk recovery on south first st. in downtown is ESXCEPTIONAL. Very ped friendly, great al fresco cafe and dining activity. A huge winner.

    Why not more on Second and Third Streets? People, not cars, sit outside. grin

    p.s.: and while we’re at it, what’s with the one-way streets coming into downtown on 4th+. Weren’t those supposed to go away with the opening of 87?

    p.p.s.: with the sj giants taking care of the city’s fireworks this year, do we need another argument for keeping the s.j. giants in san jose and not falling for Mr. Wolf’s pricey stadium bauble?

  4. #1—Ms. Saigon was well enough to show up for MNL @ SJ Stage last night to chat up the usual suspects, I mean fundraisers for labor candidates.  She showed no signs of illness.  And she probably got in free, which is another politician’s perk.

  5. Rosegarden Dad,

    I didn’t know that the SJ Giants were springing for 4th of July fireworks – that’s great news.

    Our politically correct, chickensh*t politicians are afraid of their own damn shadows.  They’d rather be caught without a change of diapers than deal with the loss of political capital associated with moving funds from events celebrating non-US holidays… oh, the shame of it all!

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